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Why The 2025 Honda Pilot Will Be A Carryover Model

The Honda Pilot is among the brand’s most admirable SUVs. It’s one of the versatile SUVs that are perfect for families, hauling duties, daily driving, and the occasional off-road adventures. With so much to offer this year, the Pilot is one of the top 12 Honda cars you can buy this year. We recently test-drove the Pilot in Lilongwe and were satisfied with its engine feedback and exceptional handling. With so much buzz around the latest model, we shared our insights on what to expect from the 2025 Pilot. Following the excitement around the latest Pilot, we dive deeper into reasons why the 2025 Honda Pilot will be a carryover model.

It’s hard to deny that the 2025 Honda Pilot emerges not with a revolution but a strategic continuation. Steeped in the success of its 2023 redesign, the Pilot seems to maintain a steady course as a carryover. Read on to learn more. 

A New Redesigned 2025 Honda Pilot Model Doesn’t Seem Necessary 

The Honda Pilot underwent a makeover in 2023. This redesign brought a host of enhancements – a sleek exterior, cutting-edge technology, and an expansion in both rear passenger and cargo space. With a constantly climbing demand for off-road features, Honda added the TrailSport variant to the line-up. With the 2024 model experiencing a seamless transition, it begs the question: Why fix what isn’t broken? So far in 2024, there haven’t been any newly introduced or groundbreaking features. For instance, Honda, itself, hasn’t improved the Pilot model from the previous model year. It has the same engine, tech, and similar performance numbers. That’s why we say it feels like SUVs have reached their peak or a point where they aren’t improving drastically. Not like the past. 

Customer Adoration

The 2024 Honda Pilot has become a darling among drivers, a fact substantiated by reviews on platforms like After scrutinizing 61 reviews, it’s clear that the model has struck a chord with consumers. From its family-friendly design to its on-road performance, the Pilot has earned a special place in the hearts of those who traverse its spacious interior.

Drivers applaud the Pilot for its reliability, robust features, and overall value proposition. The positive sentiment from current owners makes a compelling case for the continuation of a model that has not only met but exceeded expectations.

Strategic Stability

Honda’s decision to carry over the 2025 Pilot is a nod to the model’s stability and proven performance. Since the model was recently redesigned, the latest Honda Pilot already has the newest and most advanced tech and safety features. With no significant changes, Honda leverages the Pilot’s existing success. It will maintain a strategic edge in a market where reliability and consistency matter.

The Honda Pilot Is Foundational Pillar in Honda’s Fleet

Beyond being an SUV powerhouse, the Honda Pilot holds a unique position within Honda’s fleet. The Pilot acts as the backbone for the Ridgeline midsize pickup truck and the Passport two-row SUV. It bridges the gap between the two and offers the benefits of both larger and smaller SUVs. The Pilot’s stability reverberates through Honda’s diverse lineup, further justifying its role as a carryover model. We’ve seen a render that seems to suggest a freshly-designed Pilot, and we second the idea. But it’s unlikely that it will come to fruition.

We Love The Honda Pilot’s Family-Friendliness

The Pilot’s commitment to family-friendliness will remain intact in the 2025 model. This SUV already has a spacious interior that accommodates up to eight passengers. A carryover will ensure that the well-thought-out design and practical features continue to resonate with consumers.

Competing with Consistency

The 2025 Honda Pilot stands tall by sticking to its proven formula. While competitors plan new models, Honda places its bet on the Pilot’s consistent excellence. When buying the Pilot SUV, you already know what to expect. Since its inception, the Honda Pilot has always had improvements that aligned with the brand’s philosophy. In other words, its name is set in stone.

The Carryover Verdict

The 2025 Honda Pilot will join the market in the Fall of 2024. Our verdict seems clear – continuity is the key. For those seeking a reliable midsize three-row SUV, the 2025 Honda Pilot is a compelling choice. Its carryover status will be a testament to its enduring appeal. Although, we do hope for some performance and infotainment system improvements. A hybrid-powered Honda Pilot might be in the works too, but let’s put a pin in it for now. But, other than that, the new Pilot will soar. Get it?

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