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What We Expect From The 2025 Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot has always been a powerful and feature-rich SUV. And thanks to Honda’s reputation over the last couple of decades, the 2025 Honda Pilot is about to top the charts. It competes with the new 2025 Toyota RAV4 and the stylish Kia Telluride. But unlike most of its competition, several features make the Honda Pilot stand out to a majority of SUV buyers. We’re talking about the Pilot’s three-row seating configuration, family-friendly features, and set of safety technology. With the 2025 Honda Pilot hitting the market in the Fall of 2024, we can’t help but wonder what to expect. But, to square up against the rest, it will have to be more fierce and robust.

This article discusses everything we expect to see in the 2025 Honda Pilot, including its redesign, powertrain, and technology features. 

The 2025 Honda Pilot is Likely A Carryover From 2024 Model

In 2023, the Honda Pilot entered its fourth generation with a full redesign. This redesign brought a fresh exterior design, new technology, extra rear passenger room, and more cargo space, making it more family-friendly than ever. The 2023 model year brought a new TrailSport model, with extra off-road capability to the Pilot lineup. After an excellent redesign, the Honda Pilot went into 2024 with no significant changes. For the 2025 model year, the Honda Pilot will likely maintain the predecessor’s features with no changes in 2025. A redesign happened so recently that it’s unlikely that the Honda Pilot will have any new features in 2025. 

Where Does The 2025 Honda Pilot Stand In Honda’s Fleet?

Honda places lots of attention on the Pilot because it is the foundation for both the Ridgeline midsize pickup truck and the Passport two-row SUV.

What Is The Interior Capacity Of The 2025 Honda Pilot?

The Honda Pilot was designed to be family-friendly. And with that in mind, all Pilot variants can accommodate up to eight people in three rows. The total passenger capacity is 158.4 cubic feet, enough to keep all occupants comfortable. It also has a 113.8-inch wheelbase, contributing to the larger interior. With a maximum cargo capacity of 87.0 cubic feet, you can carry just about any family luggage. Even though other rivals can match the Pilot’s total cargo capacity, it excels in terms of storage for all the little things that a family might frequently need to transport.

Along with spacious, thoughtfully designed pockets on all four doors that can accommodate a wide range of items, there’s a large center console bin between the front seats. Additionally, each seat has a cupholder that can hold a 40-ounce water bottle.

How The Honda Pilot Stands Against Its Competition

The competition is fierce in this highly competitive automotive industry, with a large and formidable list of players. To begin, we’ve chosen the elegant and well-dressed Kia Telluride and its Hyundai counterpart, the Palisade, as perennial favorites. Next in line are the hybridized Grand Highlander and the Toyota Highlander. Both of these SUVs are available as trim levels. The next highly competitive SUV is the Volkswagen Atlas with its spacious luggage room and third row.

Final Verdict: Is the 2025 Honda Pilot Worth It?

The 2025 Honda Pilot will make its way to the new car market by Fall 2024. With several family-friendly features available, the 2025 Pilot is a good option for those looking for a midsize three-row SUV. It’s one of the best SUVs for families of five. However, it has its shortcomings. Expanding your search may be the best option if you prioritize interior sophistication and technological features.

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