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2024 Honda Pilot Review: Features, Performance, And Price

Last year, the Honda Pilot underwent a redesign, modernizing the 3-seater SUV with features like full LED headlights, an upgraded 8.0-inch touchscreen, and fresh 18-inch alloy wheels. The 2022 Pilot lineup also welcomed a new TrailSport edition, with all-terrain tires, a tuned-up off-road suspension system for better off-road prowess, and trim-exclusive TrailSport wheels. Honda is keen on maintaining the same features in the 2024 Honda Pilot model, which happens to be in our top 12 list of Honda cars to buy this year. Having test-driven the latest Honda, Flagship Drive wrote this 2024 Honda Pilot Review to share our insights and help our beloved readers in the decision-making part. Is the new Honda Pilot right for you? Well, stick out and find out.

Read on to learn more about the latest Honda Pilot 3-seater SUV and if it’s the ideal family crossover you’ve been waiting for.

Overview Of The 2024 Honda Pilot

Following the launch of an all-new generation last year, the Honda Pilot moves into 2024 with many attributes that continue to impress. These include abundant space, standard safety features, and a refined yet forceful engine.

Like the last model, the new Pilot prioritizes comfort in seat design and suspension tuning, and the impressively capable TrailSport allows the Pilot-owning family to have some off-roading adventures. Meanwhile, the usual Honda traits of reliability, build quality, and reassuring resale values are also part of the Pilot package. We even like the bold styling of this latest generation.

What’s New On The 2024 Honda Pilot?

As we said in the introduction, Honda recently redesigned the Pilot SUV in the 2023 year, with styling upgrades, a new suspension system, and an expanded rear cabin. Honda also threw in a new 3.5-liter V6 engine, which pairs with a 10-speed auto. Before that, in 2022, the infotainment features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto became standard to the entire Pilot lineup. That was right after Honda discontinued the six-speed auto gearbox, which was a good move.

The Honda Pilot moves into the 2024 model year with no significant changes. That said, the 2024 Honda Pilot will look, feel, and drive like its direct predecessor. 

Interior Design

The 2024 Pilot’s interior exudes a contemporary and expansive feel. The overall construction showcases remarkable build quality, creating an enduring impression. Abundant high-quality materials contribute to the interior’s durability, although certain surfaces may exhibit a more budget-friendly feel. Additionally, the cabin’s excellent insulation effectively maintains a quiet atmosphere even at elevated speeds.

Cabin and Cargo Space

The Pilot has a standard configuration of eight seats. Alternatively, a seven-seat layout is achievable by replacing the second-row bench seat with two captain’s chairs. The initial two rows of seats provide commendable support and ample space for adults to sit comfortably. However, the third row is better suited for children during extended journeys, although it can accommodate adults for shorter trips when necessary.

In terms of cargo capacity, the Pilot excels among midsize SUVs. It offers 18.6 cubic feet of space behind the third-row seats, expanding to 48.5 cubic feet with these seats folded, and 87 cubic feet with the second and third rows folded. The interior also has numerous smaller storage spaces and cubbies for added convenience. You can choose between the standard manual liftgate or the optional power liftgate. 

Engine And Transmission

The new 2024 Honda Pilot outperforms its competition. Compared to the 2024 Hyundai Palisade and the 2024 Kia Telluride, the new 2024 Honda Pilot features a 285 horsepower, 3.5L V6 engine combined with a 10-speed automated transmission. 

2024 Honda Pilot Fuel Economy

The 2024 Pilot gets an EPA-estimated 19 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway when paired with front-wheel drive and 19/25 mpg when equipped with all-wheel drive. These are decent estimates for the midsize SUV class. The TrailSport trim gets 18/23 mpg city/highway.

Performance & Driving Impression

We were impressed with the Honda Pilot’s smooth driving style, a wide range of standard equipment, and spacious inside. The cabin seems solid and well-built, and it is significantly more modern than its two-row Passport counterpart. As with prior models, the V6 engine is both powerful and polished. 

Does The 2024 Honda Pilot Have Good Off-road Performance?

Yes, it does. While it doesn’t have the Wrangler’s rock-crawling abilities, the 2024 Honda Pilot can handle some light off-roading. The new Honda Pilot includes competent Off-Road Sport-Tuned Suspension and optional Trail Torque Logic.

The TrailSport trim, positioned as the most capable model in the lineup, excels in navigating dirt and gravel roads, courtesy of features like all-terrain tires, skid plates, and a suspension system providing up to 8.3 inches of ground clearance. The standard i-VTM4® All-Wheel Drive further enhances its off-road capabilities, making the Pilot a reliable choice for those seeking versatility in various driving conditions.

Infotainment System Impressions

The Honda Pilot’s touchscreen user interfaces are user-friendly, featuring intuitive menu layouts. However, the display sizes are small in the context of modern standards, and certain graphics appear somewhat dated. Also, I do wish Honda gave the push-button gear selector a rethink. Despite this, the inclusion of physical buttons and knobs for audio and climate control adjustments is a positive aspect, ensuring ease of use while driving. Additionally, these controls are conveniently accessible. The standard digital gauge cluster is very configurable. 

2024 Honda Pilot Standard Features

The new Honda comes with a long list of standard tech features, such as a 7-inch touch screen, a seven-speaker stereo, four USB ports, and, yes, wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

You’ll also find other standard features like the famed keyless entry, a 7-inch digital gauge cluster with an analog speedometer, remote start, push-button start, and dual-zone automatic climate control. 

Available/Optional Features 

The 2024 Honda Pilot boasts optional features designed to enhance your driving experience. Notable among these is the inclusion of a 9-inch touch screen, providing access to navigation, wireless Apple CarPlay, and wireless Android Auto functionality. The 2024 Pilot offers wireless device charging and serves as a Wi-Fi hotspot. The entertainment options are diverse, with HD Radio, satellite radio, and a choice between nine- and 12-speaker stereos. Additional USB ports are also available, catering to the ever-growing need for device charging, and there’s even a convenient 120-volt household-style power outlet.

Taking technology and comfort to the next level, the 2024 Honda Pilot has a 10.2-inch digital gauge cluster, providing a modern and customizable display. The tri-zone automatic climate control ensures personalized comfort settings. The inclusion of CabinTalk, an in-car intercom system, facilitates communication within the vehicle. Rear sunshades add a touch of privacy and shade for passengers, while the panoramic moonroof contributes to an open and airy atmosphere within the cabin. These features collectively make the 2024 Honda Pilot a well-equipped and comfortable choice for families on the go.

How The 2024 Honda Pilot Compares To Its Competition

Rivals like the Kia Telluride, Hyundai Palisade, Toyota Highlander, Mazda CX-90, Nissan Pathfinder, Subaru Ascent, Volkswagen Atlas, Ford Explorer, and Chevrolet Traverse all begin in the mid-to-high-30s. 

The Subaru and Mazda have all-wheel drive as standard, while the Toyota Highlander offers a hybrid version and a forthcoming Grand Highlander variant with extra cargo space. 

If anyone is seeking family-friendly transport that’s not an SUV, the excellent Honda Odyssey minivan starts in the same kind of region.

2024 Honda Pilot Pricing

The starting price for the 2024 Honda Pilot is $37,090. That gets you the basic LX trim. The most expensive model, the Elite, starts at $52,480, while the popular EX-L trim starts at $42,400. AWD costs an extra $2,100 on the models where it is available as an option.

Here’s a full breakdown of the 2024 Honda Pilot Manufacturer’s Prices

Trail Sport$48,800
2024 Honda Pilot Pricing Range

Is The 2024 Honda Pilot Right For You?

Yes, the 2024 Pilot is a nice mid-size SUV. With its roomy three-row seating arrangement, plenty of cargo space, and a respectable number of standard equipment, this Honda can easily tow the family about. The Pilot’s V6 engine strikes a mix between strong acceleration and efficient fuel consumption, making it a comfortable and serene vehicle to drive. This SUV can also undertake light off-roading adventures.

Our Recommendations (Flagship Drive Team)

As far as 2024 SUVs go, the Honda Pilot is a catch. If you’re in the market for a three-row midsize SUV, you have more options, but the recently updated Honda Pilot remains popular. 

While the 2024 Pilot doesn’t, in my perspective, change the SUV game (I mean, it doesn’t offer anything new), it does, at least, compare favorably against longstanding favorites like the Ford Everest, Hyundai Palisade, Kia Telluride, and Jeep Grand Cherokee L. It also holds its game well against the new Mazda CX-90, which continues to gain recognition.

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