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Infiniti QX80 Confirmed for 2024, QX65 Coupe Crossover Teased

October 24, 2023, has earned a well-deserved spot on Infiniti‘s history calendar, and for good reason. It’s the day they rolled out the Infiniti Ambition 2030 blueprint with all the flair and sophistication you’d expect from luxury car connoisseurs. Hold onto your top hats and monocles, folks. We have a quartet of swanky new rides ready to steal the show. One of these rides is the highly anticipated Infiniti QX80.

In a move that’s bound to make your garage feel a lot more posh, Infiniti has officially set the stage for a full-blown makeover. First in line for a grand entrance? The QX80 full-size SUV will grace the roads in 2024.

Prepare to be charmed by the QX65, a crossover coupe with a sleek profile bound to turn heads. And then, there’s the electric twist – two shiny new electric vehicles (EVs) in the mix. Regular combustion engines are too mainstream these days. Right?

The Infiniti QX80 Is A Sleek And Muscular SUV

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show and Infiniti’s upcoming flagship SUV, the QX80. It made quite the entrance with a sneak peek of the QX Monograph concept. The brand described it as the “anti-wedge” of the automotive world (because who needs all those sharp edges, anyway?). The SUV stands out for its curvy body panels.

But it’s not just about looks; this SUV has a personality to match. With an upright, muscular stance that’s guaranteed to intimidate its competition. And let’s not forget the simple, clean surfaces, because even in the luxury realm, simplicity sometimes reigns supreme.

Inside, the QX80 promises a lavish experience that combines opulent materials with cutting-edge technology. It’s like having the best of both worlds – the warm embrace of elegance and the futuristic flair of technology. Plus, there are three rows of seats. This way, you can bring the whole gang along for the ride.

The Infiniti QX80 is all set to make its grand debut in 2024. We can’t wait to get behind the wheel

In The Other Corner: The Infiniti QX65

Now, let’s zoom in on the nearest-to-production concept in this dazzling lineup, which also happens to be the best showcase of Infiniti’s “Artistry in Motion” design concept. It’s like witnessing a masterpiece unfold.

This design philosophy is all about crafting exteriors that are both clean and sculptural. We would say it’s a bit like having your cake and sculpting it, too. Picture body panels and lighting elements waltzing together, intersecting seamlessly in a dance of artistic perfection.

But the “Artistry in Motion” magic doesn’t stop there. Enter the Vision Qe, which peeks into Infiniti’s exciting foray into the world of electric vehicles. Those brilliant designers have taken the same ethos and sprinkled it all over, turning the brand’s signature grille into a work of art fit for the electric era. It’s like giving your trusty old teapot a makeover and turning it into a dazzling electric kettle. Not that we would ever try that, anyway.

As we mentioned in our recent post, we’re curious about what powers this sedan. But we’re excited that the Vision QE might challenge the Tesla Model S. It’s a daring move. While details are still as elusive as a magician’s rabbit, one thing is clear – Infiniti is planning to put this beauty together in Canton, Mississippi.

A Vision QXe As Well?

Now, let’s roll out the red carpet for not one but two more stars in Infiniti’s spectacular lineup. The first of this dynamic duo is an SUV that’s so mysterious. This model goes by the name “Vision QXe.” While we’re still in the dark about many details, one thing is clear – it’s following in the stylish footsteps of its electric sibling, the Vision Qe. You could say it’s like a fashion-forward cousin with a flair for the dramatic.

The QX65 is a crossover coupe that takes inspiration from the iconic Infiniti FX. Details are still a bit shy, but don’t worry; they’re planning a fashionably late entrance with more information soon. At least we know it’s a stylish two-row crossover.

Jose Roman, the Global Head of Infiniti, couldn’t contain his excitement, saying, “Today is a pivotal moment for Infiniti as we announce four stunning new models are on the way.” These new additions are all part of the grand plan, “Ambition 2030,” as Infiniti sets its sights on the future.

Infiniti is on a quest to bring about a bright new dawn, one that’s all about “human-centric” luxury for its buyers. It’s like the red carpet experience for everyone, where style and comfort take center stage. With these four remarkable products, Infiniti is gearing up for a wardrobe makeover, ready to compete and shine in the world of luxury cars.

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