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Infiniti Vision QE Concept: Redefining Electric Luxury in 2025

In this ever-evolving auto industry, electric vehicles continue taking center stage. Now and again, automotive manufacturers are either growing EV fleets or setting electrified foundations. Infiniti, a brand synonymous with luxury and innovation, is no exception.  In anticipation of the Japan Mobility Show 2023, Infiniti is offering a glimpse into its vision for the future of electric mobility. This glimpse comes in a futuristic and stylish form: The Infiniti Vision QE Concept. With this concept, the brand showcases its commitment to a sustainable future.

But, of course, the Infiniti Vision QE Concept is more than just another electric vehicle. This concept is a testament to Infiniti’s dedication to “Artistry in Motion” design language. It’s also a sneak peek at their forthcoming electric fastback sedan. Nissan and Infiniti said the Vision QE production version will enter the market in 2025.

In this article, we’ll discuss the Infiniti Vision QE Concept’s key features and design principles. We will also go over its place in the market, its lead competitor, and its powertrain. 

The Infiniti Vision QE Concept: A Sneak Peek into the Future

Soon to be unveiled at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, the Vision QE Concept is a blend of groundbreaking technology. At the heart of this concept is Infiniti’s “Artistry in Motion” design language. It’s the newest design philosophy. It combines artistic details with a sleek, fluid design that extends from the front to the rear of the car. 

One of the standout features is the fastback shape. According to Infiniti, the fastback shape exudes sleek style and boasts remarkable aerodynamic performance. 

The Intriguing “Artistry in Motion” Design

Although the concept vehicle’s design is static at this point, it hints at a luxurious and powerful 2025 electric vehicle. There is so much promise here. Besides performance, there is a promise of long-range driving, a bigger battery pack, and more technology features.

The “Artistry in Motion” design language takes inspiration from Japanese concepts such as Kabuku, Sho, and Sui. “Kabuku” evokes a sense of the extraordinary. On the other hand, “sho” embodies speed, dynamism, and movement. Another concept, “Sui,” reflects the presence of exquisite detailing that exudes purity and sophistication. All these three concepts are well-integrated into the Infiniti Vision QE Concept’s design. 

Infiniti gave the Vision QE Concept a unique color called Shadow Blue. This isn’t a mere shade. According to the brand, the Show Blue color plays a delightful visual game with the lighting elements. These lights can transform into a golden hue. In turn, this gives the car an elegant, almost jewelry-like quality. In another mode, they shift to silver to match the surrounding environment. This feature showcases the adaptability and dynamism that define this innovative concept. This color-shifting feature likely won’t cut the 2025 production version.

More Sophisticated Design Cues And LED Lights

Further complementing the Vision QE’s design are the oversized wheels. According to Infiniti, these wheels draw inspiration from electric motor coils, giving the Vision Qe a sense of sophistication. 

Infiniti’s signature double-arch grille, a nod to an era of combustion engines, has decided to go electric too. In its electrified makeover, it’s swapped traditional chrome for dazzling LED lighting, ushering in a new age of luminous luxury.

And let’s not forget the faux grille’s playful banter with the “piano key” lighting elements above. They engage in a dance of illumination. The result is a whimsical symphony of design and technology. If that’s not enough, these captivating lights are in cahoots with Infiniti’s avant-garde three-dimensional badge, bringing a sense of depth and character to the Vision QE.

Another interesting piece of automotive artwork on the Vision QE is the aerodynamic lip. Infiniti sculpted the lip with razor-sharp precision. 

“As we began to follow the inspiration around art in motion, we rediscovered the Japanese expression of Sho, an expression of soaring with grace and power. Our designers began creating forms that, to me, looked like abstractions of a bird in flight. Powerful, almost motionless, but generating such speed.” said Alfonso Albaisa, senior vice president for global design. “The sleek, low profile paired with tapered, yet muscular rear fenders, express effortless motion and powerful purpose.”

Performance and Powertrain

Infiniti hasn’t disclosed specific details about the Vision QE’s powertrain. However, it’s widely speculated that this QE will compete with the Tesla Model S. 

In context, the Tesla Model S currently uses a 3-phase AC induction motor. The front and rear motors produce a combined power output of up to 691 horsepower (221 hp front and 470 hp rear).

The Model S can go from zero to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds, with a top speed of 155 mph. This Model S is equipped with advanced traction control and regenerative braking, providing smooth and precise handling on the road. Speaking of driving, the 2023 Tesla Model S delivers a total driving range of 405 miles on a full charge. 

With that said, we expect the Vision QE Concept to deliver exhilarating acceleration and a substantial range. 

Vision QE Production And Release

The Vision QE Concept is an excellent glimpse into the future of Infiniti’s electric lineup. By 2025, this concept will become a production reality at Nissan’s Canton, Mississippi plant, alongside Nissan’s counterpart. This concept marks a significant step forward in Infiniti’s journey toward sustainability. 

The Infiniti Vision QE Concept graces the showroom floor at Infiniti’s global headquarters in Yokohama, Japan, starting in November. As we wait for the Vision QE to arrive in 2025, we await the dawn of a new era in electric mobility.

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