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Hyundai’s Detailed In-Car Subscription Services Explained

Shortly after the Mocean subscriptions launched, Hyundai is about to roll out “Features-on-demand” in-car subscription services. These services will be integrated into the Bluelink connected services system under Hyundai Connected Mobility. According to Hyundai, the new in-car subscription services will offer so many features. It will not only cover new vehicles like the 2025 Santa Cruz but also older cars, according to the manufacturer. Drivers can choose from subscription tiers like Lite, Plus, and Pro, with prices ranging from €2.99 ($3.20) to €9.99/month ($10.70). The Lite plan comes free with new Hyundai models for the first 10 years, while the Plus and Pro plans offer enhanced remote services. The brand will reshape the way drivers interact with their vehicles. 

Overview Of In-Car Subscription Services

In-car subscription services offer drivers access to a variety of digital features and services for their vehicles. There are so many services that fall under the in-car subscription umbrella. These services can range from remote start and lock to safety features. 

As mentioned, Hyundai’s in-car features subscriptions come integrated into its Bluelink connected services system. FYI, the Bluelink service also includes the live services that let’s drivers find gas stations for ICE cars or charging stations for EVs. The goal here is to provide a connected driving experience. These in-car features combined with the Mocean car subscription service with Bluelink, giving birth to  the Hyundai Connected Mobility. 

Hyundai’s In-Car Subscription Services

To enhance the driving experience, Hyundai is offering these in-car subscription services. Drivers can access these services via Hyundai’s Bluelink connected services system, now integrated with the Mocean car subscription service. 

One of the key features of Hyundai’s in-car subscription services is the provision of “features-on-demand,”. This feature allows drivers to customize their vehicles with additional digital capabilities. 

Hyundai’s Features-On-Demand” component includes in-car payments, vehicle-to-everything (V2X) applications, and remote services. 

Flexibility Of Hyundai’s In-Car Subscriptions

One significant benefit is the flexibility offered by Hyundai’s subscription plans. Drivers can choose between options like the Lite, Plus, and Pro plans. They can access remote services, make in-car payments, and enjoy several offers. 

Cost and Pricing Models

Hyundai offers a range of pricing models for its in-car subscription services. The company’s in-car subscription plans include tiers such as Lite, Plus, and Pro. Each of these packages gives drivers access to different features. 

According to Marcus Welz, head of Hyundai’s Connected Mobility division, new Hyundai models may include the Lite version of Bluelink for free for the first 10 years. 

Drivers who want more features should opt for the Plus plan for €2.99 ($3.20) a month. This Plus plan includes enhanced remote services and additional functionalities.

At the top of the in-car subscription service list, Hyundai offers the Pro plan for €9.99/month ($10.70). This premium plan provides in-car payments, partner offers, and exclusive benefits. 

Comparison with Competitors

Hyundai isn’t the only manufacturer offering the in-car subscription services. One notable competitor is BMW, which also offers subscription-based services for certain vehicle functions. 

In 2022, BMW attracted attention by introducing heated seat subscriptions for vehicles already equipped with heating hardware. However, Hyundai focuses on bringing new features to older cars through software updates rather than charging for existing functionalities. 

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