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Genesis Sedan Recall: Over 28,000 Vehicles Affected by Turbocharger Oil Supply Pipe Fire Risk

Genesis Motors has issued a recall affecting 28,439 vehicles in the United States, including G70s, G80s, and G90s, due to a critical issue with the left-hand turbocharger oil supply pipe. This issue can lead to oil leakage onto the hot manifold and potential engine fires. The Genesis sedan recall mirrors a similar problem identified in Kia vehicles with the same engine. 

Despite receiving 81 reports of related issues, Genesis has not documented any crashes, injuries, or fires resulting from the defect. In detail, the Genesis turbocharger oil supply pipe recall affects 14,186 G70s, 7,372 G80s, and 6,881 G90s. As a proactive measure, Genesis will replace the faulty oil supply pipe with a new stainless steel component. 

Genesis Sedan 2024 Recall Details

ModelNumber Of Vehicles RecalledModel Years
Genesis G7014,1862019 – 2022
Genesis G807,3722018 – 2020
Genesis G906,8812017 – 2022

Genesis Motors initiated a recall campaign that affects 28,439 Genesis sedan vehicles in the United States. The number of Genesis vehicles recalled comprises 14,186 Genesis G70s (model years 2019-2022), 7,372 Genesis G80s (model years 2018-2020), and 6,881 Genesis G90s (model years 2017-2022). 

The Genesis sedan recall addresses an issue linked to the left-hand turbocharger oil supply pipe, situated near the exhaust manifold. The Genesis turbocharger oil supply pipe problem stems from material degradation, potentially resulting in cracking and oil leakage onto the hot manifold, which can lead to engine fires. 

Notably, this issue is worse during colder months due to temperature fluctuations, according to Genesis’ recall documents. To rectify this issue and ensure customer safety, Genesis will replace the existing oil supply pipe with a new stainless steel one, designed to withstand the high temperatures of the engine bay effectively. 

Comparison with Kia’s Recent Recall

The recall affecting Genesis sedans mirrors a similar issue identified in Kia vehicles with the same 3.3-liter turbocharged V6 engine. Notably, Kia’s recall campaign targeted 2019-2020 Kia K900s and 2018-2022 Kia Stingers, focusing on the left-hand turbocharger oil supply pipe’s degradation near the exhaust manifold. 

Genesis’s recall documents offer additional insights, highlighting the heightened risk during colder months when temperature fluctuations further compromise the pipe’s integrity. While both automakers address the issue with stainless steel replacements, Genesis’s proactive approach underscores its commitment to customer safety and proactive maintenance.

Incident Reports Related To Genesis Recall

Genesis has received 81 reports from customers experiencing issues related to the turbocharger oil supply pipe defect. Despite these reports, there are no documented crashes, injuries, or full-blown fires resulting from the issue. This stands in contrast to Kia’s acknowledgment of a fire incident in a 2018 Stinger, although fortunately, the driver escaped unharmed. Moreover, Genesis is aware of potential issues in other markets, such as South Korea, suggesting a broader scope to the problem. 

Remedial Action

In response to the identified issue, Genesis has taken proactive measures to ensure customer safety and prevent future incidents. The automaker has initiated a comprehensive turbocharger oil supply pipe recall, encompassing affected G70s, G80s, and G90s. As part of the Genesis sedan recall process, authorized dealerships will replace the existing left-hand turbocharger oil supply pipe with a new stainless steel component. According to Genesis, the upgraded pipe can withstand the high temperatures of the engine bay, mitigating the risk of material degradation and oil leakage.

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