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2025 Dacia Bigster: Features, Pricing And Release Date

The 2025 Dacia Bigster is about to make its market debut later this year. As Dacia’s flagship SUV, it combines rugged styling with affordability and versatility. Slated to hit European dealerships sometime in 2025, the new Bigster boasts a spacious cabin, offering standard 5-seater and optional three-row 7-seater configurations. Riding on the CMF-B architecture, the 2025 Bigster promises modern features at an attractive price point, starting from $23,600. Powertrain options include petrol and hybrid choices, with a self-charging hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants rumored. 

While the Duster shines brightly in the Dacia lineup, an even larger and equally rugged SUV is in the works to claim the spotlight as the flagship of the Romanian brand. The 2025 Dacia Bigster, teased by the 2021 concept, is poised to debut, blending the Duster’s strengths with an expanded cabin for the fiercely contested C-SUV market. Scheduled for release in 2025, the Bigster will elevate Dacia’s presence in the SUV segment.

Rugged Exterior Design

The 2025 Dacia Bigster will make a bold statement on the road with its rugged and stylish exterior design. The 2025 Bigster draws inspiration from the Bigster Concept showcased in 2021 (see image above). The new production Bigster model will feature a striking appearance that combines Dacia’s signature styling cues with modern elements. Recall that this concept debuted the brand’s updated styling language, the “Dacia Link” logo, and the revised grille, all of which have been incorporated into the lineup thus far.

Expect the 2025 Dacia Bigster to retain the pronounced fenders, boxy wheel arches, and oversized skid plates reminiscent of its smaller sibling, the new Duster. According to reports, the 2025 Duster and the 2025 Bigster SUVs will share several body elements, including the whole front clip and maybe the taillights, giving the Bigster the appearance of an extended Duster. While some features may be toned down from the concept, such as more conventional LED graphics and different alloy wheels, the Bigster’s overall design will exude confidence and capability. With its robust looks, the 2025 Dacia Bigster will stand out in the competitive SUV market.

Spacious Interior

Inside the 2025 Dacia Bigster, drivers and passengers can expect a spacious and versatile cabin designed for comfort and practicality. With options for a three-row 7-seater and a standard 5-seater version, the 2025 Dacia Bigster offers flexibility. It can comfortably accommodate a family of 5, like these SUVs. Dacia’s focus on practicality shines through with ample interior room, making the Bigster an ideal choice for families and adventure seekers alike. Additionally, Dacia’s new 2025 range of accessories will enhance the Bigster’s adventurous character, making it well-suited for outdoor activities and road trips.

Underpinned By The CMF-B Architecture

Despite its substantial size, the 2025 Bigster will ride on the CMF-B architecture, known for its versatility and efficiency. This platform, shared with other models within the Renault Group, enables Dacia to maintain a budget-friendly price point while offering ample interior space and modern features. 

Dacia’s CMF-B Architecture already underpins the Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Logan, Jogger, and Duster models. And It’s a good move. Having its new lineup on one common architectural approach allows the brand to provide its cars at a more affordable price.

Good Dimensions

The 2025 Dacia Bigster will impress with its generous proportions, making it the longest model in the new Dacia lineup. With an anticipated length of 4.6 meters (181 inches), the 2025 Bigster will compete with larger SUVs in the D-SUV segment. It’s bigger than the Skoda Kodiaq, the Nissan X-Trail, and the Dacia Jogger. 

Fuel-Efficient Powertrains

The 2025 Dacia Bigster will offer several powertrain options, suiting different driver preferences. Anticipated to align with the next-generation Duster, the 2025 Bigster will likely feature petrol and hybrid choices to deliver performance and efficiency. 

Powering the Bigster could be Renault’s 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine equipped with a 48V mild-hybrid system. If you recall, the facelifted 2025 Hilux also gets a mild-hybrid rated at 48V in Australia. Either way, the 2025 Bigster’s 48V will reduce emissions and enhance fuel economy. 

Good e-AWD Off-Road Capabilities 

Expect the 2025 Dacia Bigster to have robust off-road performance with an e-AWD system. This means the 2025 Bigster will traverse multiple terrains and will conquer various terrains. With road trip preparation, the Bigster will be the ideal family adventure SUV. 

Self-Charging E-Tech Technology

Sources suggest the 2025 Dacia Bigster may have a self-charging hybrid powertrain utilizing Renault’s next-generation E-Tech technology. But its self-charging technology will be different from the Dacia Jogger Hybrid. We’ve also heard about a fully-fledged plug-in hybrid (PHEV) Dacia Bigster version in the works. These options are on the cards. The availability of both would open up a new market for the Bigster. Nonetheless, the 2025 Bigster promises versatility, capability, and eco-friendliness to meet the diverse needs of modern drivers. Also, the new Bigster will have low running costs. 

2025 Dacia Bigster Pricing

Dacia aims to position the 2025 Bigster competitively in the SUV market, offering affordability without compromising features and performance. Like its Spring EV sibling, the 2025 Dacia Bigster will be an affordable crossover, making it an appealing option for budget-conscious buyers seeking a spacious and rugged SUV. 

Compared to models from a segment above, such as the Skoda Karoq/Kodiaq and the Citroen C5 Aircross, the 2025 Dacia Bigster will offer similar features at a lower price point. With pricing speculated to start from around $23,600, the 2025 Bigster could become the most affordable C-SUV in the Renault Group lineup, providing excellent value for money without sacrificing quality or capability.

The Dacia Bigster Vs Competition

The 2025 Dacia Bigster competes with the new Nissan Qashqai and the Renaut Austral. Unlike the 2025 Bigster, the Qashqai rides on the CMF-C Architecture. The latter is considered more sophisticated. However, the 2025 Bigster is more affordable than the Qashqai and the Austral. 

The 2025 Dacia Bigster will hit European dealerships sometime in 2025, marking the arrival of Dacia’s flagship SUV. Production of the 2025 Bigster will take place alongside the Duster at the same plant in Mioveni, Romania. With production set to align with the launch timeline, Dacia aims to meet the growing demand for spacious and capable SUVs in the market. The closely related Duster will debut ahead of the Bigster, providing insights into what to expect from its larger counterpart. As both SUVs roll off the production line, Dacia looks forward to introducing the Bigster to drivers across Europe, offering a compelling blend of affordability, versatility, and ruggedness in the SUV segment.

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