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2024 Dacia Spring EV: A Detailed Look At The New Crossover

Dacia takes a leap into the future with the 2024 Dacia Spring EV. The vehicle’s debut makes a compelling upgrade to their budget-friendly urban electric vehicle. The new Dacia Spring joins the long fleet of 2024 electric cars, facing competition from Fiat, Renault, and Citreon brands. To stay ahead (or keep up) of the competition, Dacia made some Dacia Spring EV improvements. Embracing contemporary design cues from the popular Duster model, the Spring combines affordability with a fresh, modern look that extends from its Duster-inspired grille to its adventurous rear redesign. Inside, a revamped interior sets a new standard. Also, the EV features new technology, like the digital cockpit options for the Extreme trim. 

Despite maintaining the foundational components, the 2024 Dacia Spring achieves impressive performance and range. It features a 26.8 kWh battery pack that ensures a WLTP range exceeding 220 km (137 miles). The bi-directional charging capability adds versatility, allowing owners to power external devices. While pricing details remain undisclosed, the Spring EV will be the most affordable full-electric model on the market when it enters the UK market in October 2024, according to Dacia. 

The New 2024 Dacia Spring Has A Duster-Inspired Exterior

The 2024 Spring has a more modern look, with the Duster-inspired grille and LED headlights. Additionally, it incorporates SUV-style features like a skid plate and bumper intakes. The rear end has undergone an adventurous redesign, featuring a black trim connecting the modern LEDs and a substantial application of plastic cladding on the bumper. While the 2024 Dacia Spring embraces the latest design elements from the Duster model, it still preserves its ample ground clearance and crossover characteristics. 

The 2024 Dacia Spring maintains a recognizable profile, measuring 3,701 mm (145.7 inches) in length. Certain elements, like the greenhouse and sizable door handles, are retained from its previous version. However, Dacia’s designers made subtle adjustments by refining the fenders, simplifying the overall surface details, and introducing a ribbon on the C-pillar to enhance its crossover appearance. Additionally, new choices are available for wheels, reaching up to 16 inches in diameter. The brand also updated the Spring EV’s color options to include the Brick Red and Safari Beige shades.

2024 Dacia Spring EV Interior And Technology Features

Stepping into the cabin, you’ll immediately notice that the 2024 Dacia Sping underwent a complete interior overhaul. The Dacia Spring EV now boasts a revamped interior that aligns it with the standards set by newer competitors. For starters, the outdated dashboard with a ’90s vibe is gone. 

Noteworthy 2024 Spring EV redesigns extend to the climate vents, center console, gearbox selector, and dashboard-mounted tray. All these changes align the interior more closely with the overall Dacia family aesthetic.

The flagship Extreme trim features a digital cockpit, showcasing a 7-inch digital instrument cluster and a 10-inch freestanding infotainment display. The entry-level models only get a smartphone holder.

The 2024 Dacia Spring Has A YouClip Accessory Mounting System

A notable addition is the YouClip accessory mounting system. The system allows owners to personalize the interior according to their preferences. 

Essential safety features adhere to the regulations set by the European Union, encompassing the basic ADAS package, complemented by the “My Safety” button for activating or deactivating these systems. 

Additional Cargo Space In The Frunk

Behind the rear seat, the 2024 Dacia Spring EV has a trunk space of about 10.9 cubic feet (308 liters). That’s enough space to carry family luggage for a family vacation, which is what SUVs are so famous for. 

But, like most 2024 electric cars, the Dacia Spring EV offers an additional 1.2 cubic feet (35 liters) of cargo space under the hood. Here, you can store smaller items or gadgets before you hit the road

The New Dacia Spring Has A Reliable Powertrain

For the 2024 model year, Dacia didn’t change the foundational components of the Spring EV. So, expect the Dacia Spring EV specifications for the 2024 model to be the same as the predecessor. This means a typical journey for the Dacia Spring EV owners is around 37 km (23 miles) at 37 km/h (23 mph). 

The 2024 Dacia Spring EV’s power comes from a 44-horsepower electric motor. Spring EV buyers can also opt for the 64-horsepower motor option. While these two engines continue to meet performance requirements, they deliver a somewhat sluggish acceleration. 

The 2024 Dacia Spring Has A 137-mile Driving Range

Thanks to the 26.8 kWh battery pack, the 2024 Dacia Spring EV gets a WLTP range of 220 km (137 miles). Much of the EV’s extended range is because of the relatively low weight of 984 kg (2,169 pounds). 

Charging rates of the 2024 Spring EV are notably moderate, with 11kW AC for the less powerful models and 30kW DC for the stronger ones. 

An impressive feature of the updated 2024 Spring EV model is the bi-directional charging feature, which allows owners to use a small battery to power electric devices.

The 2024 Dacia Spring Ev Faces A Steep Competition

The primary contenders for the 2024 Dacia Spring include the new Citroen e-C3, the forthcoming Fiat Panda, and upcoming urban EVs such as the Renault Twingo and the VW ID.1. 

2024 Dacia Spring EV Release Date

While the pricing details for the 2024 Dacia Spring remain undisclosed, the company says the Dacia Spring EV will be “the most affordable full-electric model on the market.” 

According to Autocar, deliveries of the 2024 Spring EV in the UK will start in October 2024, with a price expected to fall below the £18,000 ($22,732) threshold. Following the precedent set by its 2023 predecessor, the new Spring EV will continue to be manufactured in China.

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