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2024 Nissan Caravan MyRoom: Your Ultimate Adventure Minivan

As the automotive industry continues to adapt to the growing demand for multifunctional vehicles, Nissan takes a bold step with the 2024 Nissan Caravan MyRoom: Your Ultimate Adventure Minivan. With its roots stretching to the MyRoom concept introduced at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon, the MyRoom is now a production-ready reality. The Caravan MyRoom’s arrival coincides with the grand celebration of the Caravan’s 50th Anniversary. This further marks a significant milestone in the history of this beloved vehicle.

At first glance, the Nissan Caravan MyRoom showcases the same timeless and iconic exterior design. But there’s a twist – beneath that familiar faΓ§ade lies a factory-fitted camper conversion interior. This ingeniously designed cabin transforms the once-traditional cabin into a versatile, cozy living space. According to Nissan, the goal with the production version of the MyRoom Caravan is to grant you the power to take your “room” wherever you go. It’s the perfect camper Caravan for road trip lovers.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Nissan Caravan MyRoom, discussing its exterior, interior, powertrain, and pricing in the Japanese market.

The Caravan MyRoom: Exterior Design

At first glance, you wouldn’t quite distinguish the standard passenger Caravan from the MyRoom camper version. On the outside, the Nissan Caravan is quite recognizable, thanks to the standard roof and long body. It maintains its iconic front and rear design, along with the same wheelbase, sliding doors, and tailgate. For the MyRoom version, it’s very clear that Nissan went with the shape of their Sixth-generation Caravan, which measures about 200 inches (or about 5,080 mm) long, and has a similarly visible low floor.

Just a side note: Nissan introduced the sixth-generation Caravan, called the NV350, in 2011. Following its successful “market bite”, Nissan facelifted the sixth-gen Caravan in 2017 and 2021, modernizing the minivan. We expect another Caravan facelift in the next three years or so. Nonetheless, it makes more production sense to base the MyRoom on the successful Caravan underbody, rather than creating an entirely new model.

The MyRoom also looks like a bare-bones minivan, especially when you consider the unpainted plastic bumpers. The result is a more conservative standard Caravan styling finish, complete with the exclusive beige/white color and special stickers on the rear side windows.

The New Nissan Caravan MyRoom: Versatile Interior And Space

While the exterior adopts the sixth-generation Caravan’s shape, the MyRoom has a custom camper-vibe interior. At first, you would assume that Nissan simply stripped away the seats and called it a “room on wheels”. But they did so much more.

In the rear portion of the Caravan, Nissan added special wood grain that’s inspired by the country’s minimalist designer hotels. It includes a roll screen, curtains, wood blinds, a branded cushion, as well as wood-grain roof panels that feature spot LEDs and hidden lighting that provide a more ambient lighting experience.

From the look of the interior, you can see why the Nissan Caravan MyRoom is a versatile camper minivan. The rear end of the MyRoom can be turned into a bedroom, living room, or diving room. It features a foldable bed, seats, and table, with different arrangements for the seats, table, and bed cushions. Folding the large-sized bed down (along with a multi-part mattress) turns the rear cabin into a bedroom.

With the bed raised, users can slide the table towards the center and for a dining room setting. By flipping the seatbacks with the integrated cushions, you can convert the second-row seats to rear-facing sofas, giving you a living room setup. and thanks to the spacious interior, you can change these setups without having to slide the side doors open or pop the tailgate.

The Caravan MyRoom Features An AC 100V Charging Outlet

One of the most important aspects of a regular camper van is a power outlet. After all, if you’re going to spend a lot of time out being at one with nature, you’ll need lights and a charged phone, among other things.

To provide an adequate power outlet in the Caravan MyRoom, Nissan sourced portable battery packs from the Nissan Leaf EV. With an available AC 100V outlet inside of the MyRoom cabin, you can power up any kind of electronic device. With no mention of solar panels, you’ll likely visit an EV charging outlet, in between your times with Mother Nature.

The Caravan MyRoom Offers a Powerful 129HP Engine And 4WD

The Caravan MyRoom comes with one powertrain option: a 2.0-liter QR20DE petrol engine. With a peak power of 129 horsepower (96 kW / 130 PS) and 131 lb-ft (178 Nm) of torque, you’ll have adequate power to go just about anywhere. Pairing with this engine is a reliable 7-speed automatic transmission.\

A slight bump-up in power or a more powerful engine option would’ve been great, especially for a camper van that will likely be in the wild. Thankfully, the Caravan MyRoom has got you covered. For added traction, the Nissan Caravan MyRoom comes with a 4-wheel drive.

The Nissan Caravan MyRoom: Pricing And Availability


Nissan is currently accepting orders for the 2024 Nissan Caravan MyRoom in the Japanese market. The first deliveries of the MyRoom will begin in February 2024.

Pricing Of The 2024 Nissan Caravan MyRoom starts at $39,763 (Β₯5,958,700) for the 2WD version, which comes with a folding bed. The 4WD Caravan MyRoom with the flip-up bed costs about $7,886 more, at $47,649 (Β₯7,140,100). For a greater driving and exploration experience, we’d opt for the latter. And before you hit the road, make sure to have the road trip checklist covered.

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