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Toyota Belta Models Ranked From Worst To Best: Used Cars

The Toyota Belta models are generally considered one of the most reliable compact sedans on the used car market. Sharing a platform with the Toyota Vitz, the Belta carries an efficient engine. However, while it is generally known as a reliable sedan to buy, there are so many common Toyota Belta problems and years to avoid. When you’re looking for a car to buy, you often want to go with the model that has the least problems. In terms of the Toyota Belta, the results are surprising. The best  Toyota Belta model years are 2009 and 2005, which have the least reported problems. On the other hand, the Toyota Belta model that you should avoid the most is the 2006 model, which has issues like low acceleration and idling. If you can’t get your hands on a 2009 or 2005 model, your safest bet is a 2008 model. 

Some of the Toyota Belta’s problems include sluggish acceleration, engine noise, check engine light pop-ups, and low idling. This article ranks the least reliable Toyota Belta, from models with the most problems to models with the least problems. We will take a look at the Toyota Belta years to avoid. 

We have ranked the Toyota Belta models with the most issues, starting from the model with the most problems (2006) to the Belta model year with the least problems (2009). 

1. 2006 Toyota Belta

Of all models across the fleet, the 2006 Toyota Belta model year has the most reported problems, including engine check light issues, galloping sound, and pulling.

Some common Toyota Belta problems with the 2006 model year include low power on acceleration, low idling, and check engine light issues. 

There were likely some underlying issues with the 2006 Belta models that affected a large number of vehicles. 

2. 2007 Belta

After the 2006 model year, the 2007 Toyota Belta year has a significant number of reported problems, including brake noise, noise when accelerating, and acceleration noise. 

With most of these Belta problems carrying over, it’s possible that the issues with the 2006 models continued into the 2007 models.

3. 2008 Toyota Belta

Unlike the 2006 and 2007 model year, the 2008 Toyota Belta a moderate number of reported problems, including engine check light issues, delay to start, and check engine light issues. 

Going into the 2008 model year, Toyota corrected some of the problems with the 2007 model, but some problems still persisted.

4. 2005 Toyota Belta

Compared to the Toyota Belta problems in the other model years, the 2005 Toyota Belta year has fewer reported problems. 

Regardless, it’s still worth noting that the 2006 Belta has issues like the acceleration and GPS problems reported.

5. 2009 Belta Model

Of all years the 2009 Toyota Belta model year has the fewest problems. Only a few issues were reported with the 2009 Belta, such as the knocking sound and pulling problem. 

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