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15 Awesome Reasons To Buy The 2024 Mazda Mazda3

The 2024 Mazda Mazda3 recently entered the market with more advanced features, awesome acceleration, and a fresh infotainment system for the Carbon edition trim. The 2024 Mazda 3 comes in two body styles: sedan and hatchback. The new Mazda3 has two engine options: a base four-cylinder or an enhanced turbocharged four-cylinder, both of which come with standard all-wheel drive. Even though the 2024 Mazda3 may not be as efficient or practical as some of its rivals, it’s fun to drive. This post covers why you should buy the 2024 Mazda Mazda3.Β 

Launched in 2019, the Mazda3 has undergone consistent updates. The more noteworthy Mazda3 update was in 2022 when Mazda introduced the new Carbon Edition trim. The 2023 model year brought an increased fuel economy for the base engine and standard smartphone integration. Aside from producing the Iconic SP RX7-inspired Rotary hybrid concept, the brand updated the famed Mazda3 sedan/hatchback. The Mazda 3 will receive new trim packages in 2024, including a Carbon Turbo specification that adds several of the Carbon Edition package’s features to the 2.5 Turbo variant. The Select Sport bundle is also new and replaces the previous Select package. The most significant development, however, is the availability of a 10.25-inch center touchscreen. The 2024 Mazda Mazda3 competes with the performance-oriented Subaru Impreza, the new Honda Civic, and the upgraded Toyota Corolla.

Here’s a look at why you should buy the 2024 Mazda3. 

1. Great Exterior Styling

The Mazda3 catches your eye with its unique appearance. Unlike the intentionally plain Honda Civic and Volkswagen Jetta, the Mazda3’s bold Alfa Romeo-inspired design adds a delightful touch of character. The hatchback, with its poised look, might sacrifice some agility, but in striking Soul Crystal red paint, it’s truly impressive. The sedan opts for a more reserved style, yet the charming light clusters and subtle rear design still give it an elegance not often seen in this price range, steering clear of the random creases seen in competing models.

2. New Carbon Turbo Package 

Mazda is switching things up by introducing the Carbon Turbo edition for select 2024 models, taking a break from the usual black-on-black design packages. This upgraded trim boasts beige paint, distinctive wheels, and various other exclusive features.

The Carbon Turbo package is specifically offered for the 2024 Mazda3, CX-30, and CX-5. It’s worth noting that this package can only be selected for vehicles equipped with the potent Skyactiv-G 2.5 Turbo engine, generating 250 hp (186 kW / 253 PS) and 320 lb-ft (434 Nm) of torque with 93 octane fuel.

The Carbon Turbo vehicles will be coated in a unique Zircon Sand Metallic paint color, adding an extra layer of distinctive styling.

3. Diverse Trim Options

The 2023 Mazda3 sedan provides an array of choices with six distinctive trim levels: 2.5 S, 2.5 S Select Sport, 2.5 S Preferred, 2.5 S Carbon Edition, 2.5 Carbon Turbo, and 2.5 Turbo Premium Plus.

Similarly, the Mazda3 hatchback offers the same trims, excluding the base 2.5 S. Notably, the hatchback lineup introduces a new 2.5 S Premium trim, positioned in the middle of the available options. This variety ensures customers can choose a Mazda3 that matches their preferences and requirements.

4. Affordable Pricing for 2024 Mazda Mazda3

The 2024 Mazda Mazda3 offers an attractive starting price, with the sedan beginning at $25,335, including destination charges. Prices then progress, reaching $36,515 for the Turbo Premium Plus variant.

For the Mazda3 hatchback, the pricing falls within the range of $26,855 to $37,815, showcasing a modest difference of approximately $1,000 compared to the sedan with similar features. This affordability ensures that the Mazda3 remains accessible to a broad spectrum of potential buyers, providing value for money across its diverse trim options.

5. Energetic Engine Options

The 2024 Mazda Mazda3 doesn’t compromise on performance, offering two lively engine choices:

The 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine delivers a peppy performance, producing 191 horsepower and 186 lb-ft of torque. Opt for the 2.5L Turbo 4-Cylinder engine for an even more spirited drive, boasting an impressive 250 horsepower and 320 lb-ft of torque. These robust engines ensure that the Mazda3 delivers a dynamic driving experience, catering to drivers who appreciate efficiency and power.

6. Standard AWD

Every 2024 Mazda Mazda3 model is equipped with an All-Wheel Drive (AWD), providing additional traction for enhanced stability. This AWD feature not only distinguishes the 2024 Mazda3 but also elevates its performance compared to the 2024 Honda Civic, which comes in an exclusive front-wheel drive. The inclusion of AWD not only enhances the overall performance of the Mazda3 but also ensures better handling and stability, particularly in diverse driving conditions.

7. Swift Acceleration

While the 191-horsepower 2.5-liter gas engine is no speed demon, the turbocharged two-liter unit takes the 2024 Mazda3 hatchback from 0 to 60 in under six seconds. 

8. Good Fuel Economy

The 2024 Mazda Mazda3 boasts impressive fuel efficiency across its lineup. When equipped with the standard engine and front-wheel drive, it achieves an excellent EPA rating of 27 miles per gallon in the city, 35 mpg on the highway, and a combined 30 mpg. Opting for the enhanced traction of the All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system slightly adjusts these estimates to 26 mpg in the city, 33 mpg on the highway, and a combined 29 mpg. For those who choose the turbocharged models, which come standard with AWD, the fuel efficiency remains strong, with a rating of 23 mpg in the city, 31 mpg on the highway, and a combined 26 mpg. 

9. Stunning Interior Design

The 2024 Mazda Mazda3 sets a high standard for cabin aesthetics in its class. Few vehicles in this category can match the well-crafted and visually appealing interior, characterized by meticulous attention to detail. Double-stitched seams and the touch of tactile leather throughout the cabin elevate the overall sense of luxury. The slender metallic dash inserts add a modern touch, while the newly available 10.3-inch infotainment screen enhances functionality and style. The interior radiates quality and durability, further emphasized by the two-tone leather on select trims.

10. Nice Cabin And Cargo Space

The 2024 Mazda3 is a five-seater compact car. The Mazda3 sedan’s trunk holds 13.2 cubic feet, which is normal for a car of its size. The more versatile Mazda3 hatchback has a load capacity of 20.1 cubic feet behind the rear seats and 47.1 cubic feet when folded.

The exterior dimensions of both body types are 71 inches broad by 57 inches high. Compared to the hatchback’s 176 inches, the sedan’s length is 184 inches.

11. Abundance of Safety and Driver-Assist Features

The 2024 Mazda Mazda3 comes with an extensive array of safety and driver-assistance features, ensuring a secure driving experience. Every Mazda3 model includes essential driver assistance technologies such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, and automatic emergency braking.

The 2.5 S Premium and 2.5 Turbo Premium Plus trims feature a head-up display. The 2.5 Turbo Premium Plus adds advanced features, including traffic jam assist, parking sensors, reverse automatic braking, and surround-view cameras.Β 

12. User-Friendly Infotainment System

The latest Mazda3 has an intuitive infotainment system that enhances the driving experience. The standard setup includes an 8.8-inch touchscreen, six speakers, two USB ports, and seamless integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. With the 2.5 S Carbon Edition, users get wireless charging and smartphone mirroring as standard features.

Opting for the S Premium trim introduces a premium audio experience with a 12-speaker Bose Sound system and built-in navigation. For those who crave a larger display, the exclusive 10.25-inch touchscreen is reserved for the 2.5 Carbon Turbo and 2.5 Turbo Premium Plus models.

13. Comfortable Ride

The 2024 Mazda3 delivers a smooth and comfortable ride, ensuring a pliant experience even during extended journeys. The seats offer ample comfort, enhancing the overall driving experience. However, it’s worth noting that rear space is somewhat limited, and the hatchback’s upturned rear windows may create a slightly gloomy atmosphere, especially with darker fabrics specified. Although getting in and out may be challenging due to the low-slung driving position, the experience is worth it. 

14. Engaging Handling

Contrary to expectations for a compact sedan, the Mazda3 surprises with its enjoyable driving dynamics. Drawing from Mazda’s expertise gained over decades, especially with the MX-5 Miata roadster, the Mazda3 boasts sharp handling and responsive steering. Even in front-wheel-drive models, the optional all-wheel drive system enhances traction, ensuring that the Mazda3 maintains a strong grip on the road and minimizes wheel spin, contributing to an engaging and confident driving experience. At any point during your journey, you’ll feel a connection to the road and confidently navigate tight bends in the new Mazda3.

15. Top-Tier Safety Ratings

The 2024 Mazda Mazda3 attains the highest safety standards, earning a coveted 5-star rating across various crash safety categories:

  • Overall Crash Safety Rating: 5-star
  • Overall Front Crash Safety Rating: 5-star
  • Overall Side Crash Safety Rating: 5-star
  • Rollover Crash Safety Rating: 5-star

On top of that the 2024 Mazda Mazda3 has received some incredible customer reviews on Edmunds and carcomplaints. 

16. Strong Resale Value

In addition to its impressive list of features and performance, the 2024 Mazda Mazda3 has a strong resale value. The Mazda3 has had a track record for having the strongest resale values in the game. The positive resale performance of the previous model year proves the enduring value offered by the 2024 model.

Considering the resale success of its predecessor, prospective buyers can be confident that the 2024 Mazda Mazda3 holds the promise of retaining its value well into the future.

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