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15 Facts To Know About The Ferrari Purosangue SUV

On September 13th, Italian Supercar manufacturer, Ferrari, made history with the global debut of the Ferrari Purosangue SUV. Representing a departure from tradition for the automaker, the Purosangue is the fusion of Ferrari’s racing pedigree. Its introduction is a bold step into uncharted territory and the start of a powerful future prancing horse fleet. Beneath its sculpted exterior lies a V12 engine that cranks out an impressive 715 horsepower. The Purosangue is one of the 15 new cars Ferrari plans to make by 2026, with the Roma Spider.

The brand has mastered the art of keeping us on the edge of our seats. Ferrari has pulled out some of the best cars (so far), like the V12-powered 2023 Ferrari Daytona SP3 and the 2024 Roma. At this point (and for decades), the brand has held a good reputation in the performance territory. The Purosangue pushes Ferrari further to the forefront of the luxury SUV market.

The Ferrari Purosangue redefines the future of luxury and performance SUVs. We’re eager to test-drive the Purosangue ourselves.

Here are the top facts you should know about the Ferrari Purosangue.

The Ferrari Purosangue Brings A Sophisticated Exterior Design

The Purosangue SUV boasts a sleek and athletic exterior, featuring a bold front end with stylish LED lights that blend with the air intakes and DLR on each end of the hood. We also noticed that the Purosangue SUV doesn’t have a grille, unlike most vehicles in the class. Instead of the grille, the Purosangue has a dihedral on the lower section, which meets the sleek hood. 

The prancing horse SUV rides on 22-inch front and 23-inch rear wheels with the wheel arch trim treatment, boosting the SUV’s profile. It also features a wing and an imposing diffuser that widen the SUV’s rear appearance. The tail lights connect via a horizontal line that cuts through the tailgate, dividing the Ferrari lettering at the top and the prancing horse logo at the bottom.

The Purosangue has a Sporty Interior Layout.

The Ferrari Purosangue is what you get when you combine the versatility of an SUV with the aesthetic of a GT sports car. The Purosangue’s interior looks plush and sporty. The prancing horse calls it “A Genuine Ferrari Lounge,” and we couldn’t agree more. Thanks to the modern architecture, the cabin is large and very accommodating. The cabin combines the brand’s new design languages. 

Aside from being the first four-door Ferrari, the Purosangue is also the first Ferrari SUV to feature four separate and independently adjustable seats. The seats are concealed in premium, high-quality leather and have heating options. For added ride comfort, the Purosangue features a new suspension system and variable-density foam.

A Special Version Of Alcantara Material Debuted In The Ferrari Purosangue

The Ferrari Purosangue introduces an extraordinary touch of luxury through premium and sustainable materials. Notably, a groundbreaking version of Alcantara, making its global debut, constitutes a significant portion—85 percent—of the launch trim for this exceptional vehicle. This innovative use of recycled materials proves Ferrari’s commitment to sustainability but also sets the Purosangue apart in environmental consciousness.

Diving deeper into the interior, the Purosangue offers optional content and personalization choices. Drivers can tailor their experience according to individual preferences. 

This deliberate focus on materials and personalization underscores Ferrari’s dedication to providing a holistic and customizable experience for Purosangue owners.

The Purosangue Name Has A Special Meaning 

The significance behind the name Purosangue adds an extra layer of meaning to this exceptional model. In Italian, “Purosangue” translates to “thoroughbred,” a term that perfectly encapsulates the distinctive qualities of this Ferrari SUV. Going beyond conventional crossovers, the Purosangue distinguishes itself with a unique mid-front-mounted engine and a rear-mounted gearbox, resulting in a sporty transaxle layout.

This deliberate design choice aligns with the spirit of a thoroughbred, symbolizing agility and performance. The Purosangue’s innovative layout contributes to its dynamic handling, setting it apart in the luxury SUV segment.

The Purosangue Has A Dual Cockpit

Deviating from the conventional center display, the Ferrari Purosangue provides individual displays for each front occupant. A SF90 Stradale-inspired screen greets the driver. Simultaneously, the front passenger enjoys a dedicated 10.25-inch display, ensuring a personalized and immersive experience.

Aside from enhancing the overall interior aesthetic appeal, this dual cockpit concept not only underscores Ferrari’s commitment to driver-centric innovation. The thoughtful design extends to the rear seats, where a meticulous arrangement creates a distinct and comfortable space for each occupant. 

Ferrari Purosangue Is The Most Powerful SUV, With A 715-Hp V12

At the heart of the Ferrari Purosangue beats the most iconic of engines – the naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12. This powerhouse delivers an impressive 715 horsepower at 7,750 rpm and a robust 528 pound-feet of torque at 6,250 rpm. This means the Purosangue is the most powerful SUV ever made. Setting the V12 apart is the exceptional power delivery, with 80 percent of the torque available at low revs.

The symphony of the naturally aspirated V12 encapsulates Ferrari’s rich heritage in crafting high-performance engines. The 6.5-liter V12 serves as the beating heart of the Purosangue, translating into a potent combination of power, precision, and that unmistakable Ferrari sound enthusiasts have come to adore.

The Purosangue SUV Sprints To 100 km/h In 3.3 Seconds

The Ferrari Purosangue SUV makes a bold statement with its impressive acceleration, sprinting to 100 km/h in a mere 3.3 seconds, placing the crossover close to the 2024 Roma. The Purosangue is quicker than most conventionally powered SUVs worldwide, setting a new benchmark in the segment. However, it is worth noting that the 697-horsepower Aston Martin DBX 707 boasts a slightly quicker acceleration time of 3.1 seconds, as claimed by the British brand.

Underpinning this remarkable performance is the evolution of the 4RM-S system, initially developed for the GTC4 Lusso. This advanced system has undergone further enhancements. It now incorporates innovations from the SF90 Stradale’s 4WD system. These include torque vectoring on the front axle and the electronic differential’s precise torque distribution to the rear axle.

New Chassis, New Developments

The Ferrari Purosangue takes innovation to the core of its design, featuring a completely new chassis meticulously crafted from scratch to achieve unparalleled rigidity without compromise. This dedication to structural integrity is a testament to Ferrari’s commitment to delivering a driving experience that seamlessly blends power and precision.

In the pursuit of an optimal balance between strength and weight, the body of the Purosangue integrates an array of materials, from lightweight aluminum to the high-performance capabilities of carbon fiber. High-strength steel is strategically introduced in critical areas, complemented by the structural adhesive along mechanical joins. This holistic approach to material selection ensures robustness.

Ferrari’s engineers, based in Maranello, have meticulously crafted the Purosangue with a 49/51 weight distribution, a configuration carefully tailored for the demands of an SUV.

The Purosangue Has An All-new Single-Shell Carbon Fiber Roof

The Ferrari Purosangue boasts an innovative design feature with its all-new single-shell carbon fiber roof. This cutting-edge roof introduces a fresh aesthetic dimension. It also incorporates integrated soundproofing, setting it apart from conventional designs. The engineering excellence behind this feature results in rigidity levels comparable to a glass roof, yet with a remarkable 20 percent reduction in weight compared to an aluminum roof with soundproofing.

In pursuit of versatility and luxury, the Purosangue offers an optional full-length electrochromic glass roof. It blends technology with elegance, allowing occupants to adjust the tint of the glass dynamically. The optional glass roof enhances the overall openness of the cabin, providing a panoramic view and adding an extra layer of sophistication to the driving experience.

The Purosangue Has The Largest Truck Capacity In A Ferrari 

The Ferrari Purosangue sets a new benchmark within the brand by featuring the most expansive trunk capacity ever seen in a Ferrari, boasting an impressive 473 liters of storage space. This capacious trunk enhances the practicality of the Purosangue.

The independently adjustable rear seats provide a thoughtful touch to maximize the cargo capacity. By inching the rear seats forward, drivers can further optimize the available space, catering to varying needs.

The Purosangue Is Ferrari’s First Four-Door Model  

The Ferrari Purosangue marks a historic milestone as Ferrari’s inaugural four-door model, expanding the brand’s repertoire to cater to a broader audience while maintaining its signature style and performance. This strategic move into the four-door segment showcases Ferrari’s ability to evolve while staying true to luxury and high-performance driving.

Ensuring seamless access to the cabin, the Purosangue introduces a thoughtful design with front doors featuring a larger opening angle of 63 degrees. The vehicle incorporates brand-new electric, rear-hinged rear doors, providing an expansive 79-degree opening.

The Ferrari Purosangue Is Incredibly Aerodynamic

A closer look at the Purosangue reveals additional aerodynamic enhancements, including a lip spoiler in the middle of the hatch and a floating spoiler at the top. 

Notably, the Purosangue stands out for its sleek and clean rear design, devoid of a rear wiper. This deliberate omission is a testament to Ferrari’s commitment to aesthetic purity and aerodynamic excellence.

The Ferrari Purosangue’s development prioritized achieving optimal aerodynamic efficiency across its bodywork, underbody, and rear diffuser. The brand integrated a front bumper and wheel arch combination. This dynamic combination creates an air curtain, ingeniously sealing the front wheels and preventing the generation of turbulent transverse air flows. The result is a streamlined and aerodynamically efficient front profile.

The Purosangue Has The Latest Vehicle Dynamic Control Systems And Driver Assist Technology

Drawing inspiration from Ferrari’s most powerful sports cars, the Purosangue features independent four-wheel steering and the advanced ABS ‘evo’ system, integrated with the sophisticated six-way Chassis Dynamic Sensor (6w-CDS).

One of the highlights of this technological prowess is the world debut of Ferrari’s new active suspension system. This groundbreaking innovation takes center stage, effectively managing body roll during cornering and optimizing the tire contact patch over high-frequency bumps. The active suspension system enhances both handling and ride comfort.

The Ferrari Purosangue comes with a suite of standard driver assistance features. Among these advanced systems is the Adaptive Cruise Control, which provides intelligent speed control to enhance the driving experience. Automatic Emergency Braking intervenes in critical situations to mitigate potential collisions.

The Lane Keeping Assist feature provides gentle steering inputs to help the driver stay within their lane. The Traffic Sign Recognition system enhances awareness of road conditions, displaying pertinent information directly to the driver. Additionally, the Purosangue is equipped with a Driver Drowsiness and Attention system, actively monitoring driver behavior and providing alerts if signs of fatigue are detected.

The Purosangue Is The First Ferrari To Have The Hill Descent Control Feature

Adding a new dimension to its repertoire of features, the Ferrari Purosangue introduces a groundbreaking inclusion — the Hill Descent Control feature, the first time such a function has been made available on a Ferrari.

Hill Descent Control is a notable addition to the Purosangue’s capabilities. This feature provides drivers with enhanced control and stability when navigating challenging terrains. As the first Ferrari to incorporate Hill Descent Control, the Purosangue sets a precedent for the brand.

The Ferrari Purosangue Has A USD$400K Price Tag

The Ferrari Purosangue commands a price tag of $400,000, positioning it in the upper echelons of the luxury SUV market. It also reflects the exceptional performance and craftsmanship associated with the Ferrari brand.

With the order book now open for the $400,000 Purosangue, prospective owners can secure their place in the elite circle of Ferrari SUV enthusiasts. 

Following its initial reveal, the demand for the Ferrari Purosangue surged, leading to a swift closure of orders. However, in response to the overwhelming interest, Ferrari has recently reopened orders for this highly coveted SUV. Due to the high demand and the craftsmanship involved, Ferrari will fulfill newly placed Purosangue orders in 2026.

Ferrari reported a 27% increase in first-quarter profits. The introduction of this groundbreaking model has not only captured the attention of enthusiasts but has also translated into a significant boost for the brand’s financial performance.

Total sales for the first quarter registered a commendable 10% increase from the same period last year, reaching 3,567 units. This upward trajectory underscores Purosangue’s impact on Ferrari’s overall sales figures. As orders continue to pour in and production remains meticulously managed, the Purosangue is a driver of success for Ferrari.

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