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Watch: Runaway Semi Crashes Into 33 Cars, Plows Into Ford Dealership

In what can only be described as the automotive equivalent of the blockbuster “Mad Max: Fury Road”, a double-bottom dump truck recently wreaked havoc on the Utah intersections when it lost its breaks. Boom. Runaway Semi Crashes Into 33 Cars And Plows Into Ford Dealership. This happened on November 3rd, 2023. According to reports, the double-bottom dump truck lost its breaks. With no way of stopping or at least slowing down, the semi took out multiple cars along the intersection, before finally crashing into a Ford/Chrysler dealership and bursting into flames. We’ve given you full details of the November 3rd Utah Semi Truck Crash.

KSL News says the total number of vehicles involved in the Utah crash is 33, including the out-of-control Semi. Thankfully, there were fewer casualties. Eleven people were hurt, with one badly injured. That person was airlifted to a hospital in Salt Lake City. 

This post covers every piece of information we have gathered on the Utah Semi Truck crash that occurred on November 3, 2023. 

More Details Of The Runaway Semi

Any vehicle that is carrying a lot of weight, be it people or cargo, needs an additional stopping distance. This is because the weight adds extra momentum to the car’s movements. It’s basic physics, specifically Newton’s laws of motion, which describes how forces influence the motion of objects.

Momentum is the product of an object’s mass and its velocity. To bring the vehicle to a stop, external forces, such as brakes, must act on the vehicle to counteract the said momentum. 

Now let’s get back to the facts of this Runaway Semi Truck crash. 

The runaway semi was a double-bottom dump truck. This meant that the Semi had two trailer beds joined together. Having been loaded with gravel, the Semi sped up when the breaks failed. This is because of the momentum created by the weight.

Details Of The Accident: Runaway Semi Crashes Into 33 Cars

Before the truck ended up at the car dealership, it first went through W Vine St. and S Main St, where it took out three cars. When crossing W 400 N and Main, the Semi crashed into two more cars, a Kia and a Mercedes-Benz SUV, almost tipping one over. 

The Semi Truck eventually exited the road and came to rest after wrecking 27 cars at Tooele Ford, a dealership 112 miles from the initial collision. Then, the truck burst into flames as it raced near the dealership, destroying the dealership’s entrance and vehicles around it. 

Dashcam Footage Showed The Semi Truck Driver’s Efforts

In a recent dashcam video (above), it’s quite evident that the driver of the Semi truck tried to steer the truck away from cars at the intersection. 

At least once, it veered across the center median of Main Street to avoid hitting a cluster of stopped vehicles that were awaiting a traffic light. 

The headline read “Runaway Semi Crashes Into 33 Cars”. And for that number of cars, we’re glad the casualties are less. 

Only 11 people were hurt, with one badly injured. As for the Semi driver, he walked away with minor injuries. 

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