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These Are The 10 Best Upgrades For Your Toyota Hilux

For decades, the Toyota Hilux has been a popular and reliable truck with performance and off-road capabilities. And since the Hilux entered the market, it’s always delivered the right amount of power for any driving needs. In a standard guise, the Hilux is an excellent pickup truck. As you may know, most engines are under-tuned to meet universal driving standards. But, some performance enthusiasts may find the Hilux N70 and N80 models a bit underpowered. Of course, that’s why Toyota introduced the performance GR Sport II variant, but we can’t all afford it. And you may find yourself scouting for aftermarket upgrades for your Toyota Hilux. You’ll be glad to know that there are so many Hilux upgrades on the market. 

Here are the ten best essential upgrades for your Toyota Hilux in 2024. These upgrades will boost the pickup truck’s performance, functionality, and appeal.

1. Turbocharger Upgrade

When it comes to boosting your car’s performance, the important place to start is the engine, the star of the show. One of the first things to consider is a turbocharger. Nothing beats the thrill and challenge of turbocharging a naturally aspirated engine. But the Hilux’s engine comes standard with a Turbocharger. To enhance its performance, you will need to upgrade the Turbocharger. The turbocharger is a performance that influences your engine’s air intake. It essentially regulates the air going into your engine. 

2. Suspension Lift Kit

If you plan to do a lot of off-roading, a suspension lift kit is by far the most important upgrade you can get for your Toyota Hilux. What does it do? A suspension lift kit raises your car’s ground clearance and ride height, making it better for the rocks and patches of the beaten path. 

A suspension lift kit involves replacing your Hilux’s factory suspension system with new, much larger ones. So your pickup will get new springs, control arms, and shocks. Raising your car’s ride height also sets the stage for large tires, improving the truck’s handling. 

3. Add A Winch

The next entry in our list of Toyota Hilux aftermarket upgrades is a winch. While mostly underrated, a winch is a valuable tool for anyone who plans to go off-road. Its usage is simple. A winch helps you get out of tough situations that you may encounter on your off-road trips. Aside from being able to pull yourself out of sticky situations, a winch also allows you to pull other vehicles. 

Now, unlike most tools, a winch is a tool you might not use too often. But it will come in handy when you need it. Because there are so many winches available on the market, it’s important to do your research and pick the best one. The Warn VR EVO Winch is the best winch to get for your Hilux in 2024. 

4. Performance Exhaust Kit

If your Hilux still has the factory-standard exhaust system, it’s time to upgrade! In addition to improving your Hilux’s aesthetic, a performance exhaust kit will help your engine produce even more power. How does it work? A performance exhaust increases horsepower and torque. 

You will notice a substantial difference in your vehicle’s performance after installing a performance exhaust kit. Your Hilux will run more smoothly and efficiently. It will also produce a more aggressive tune, thanks to the enhanced airflow and lower back pressure.

5. Heavy-Duty Front Bumper 

For off-roading and other rough activities, a heavy-duty front bumper offers the truck’s front additional protection.

Installing heavy-duty front bumpers on your car aftermarket has many advantages. Heavy-duty front bumpers offer additional protection in the event of a head-on collision and many other scenarios. 

Remember the winch we talked about? You can add them to the steel bumpers, along with aux lights and other accessories.

6. Roll Bars

Roll bars provide extra protection in the event of a rollover by preventing the cabin from being crushed. They also strengthen the structure, which stiffens the chassis. This greater stiffness improves handling since the suspension can perform more effectively.

The roll bars also serve as a mounting point for accessories. Additionally, roll bars provide cargo restraint and contribute to the truck’s customized appeal. A truck with a roll bar looks more attractive. 

7. Remap The Hilux’s ECU

ECU remapping is always the greatest option to get your Hilux engine to operate better and produce more power. This is because it creates the groundwork for later-on performance upgrades, such as GVM upgrades, and aftermarket performance components. 

Furthermore, if your Hilux already has several performance enhancements or mods installed, tuning your ECU will guarantee that all components work in harmony, allowing your engine to run optimally and healthily.

8. Roof Rack

If you’re someone who loves taking road trips and intercity adventure drives – something a Toyota Hilux does easily, by the way – then you’ll probably have lots of stuff to take with you. And that’s where a roof rack comes in handy. 

A roof rack provides extra storage to carry extra luggage with you. Most importantly, a roof rack allows you to haul large items that you wouldn’t otherwise fit in the cabin or the cargo bed, like a kayak. Truck roof racks can also help reduce drag and wind noise when driving. They’re also used as a base to mount antennas and off-road lights, among other things.


9. Cold Air Intake

A cold air intake can improve airflow to the engine, which can lead to increased horsepower and torque. It can also improve fuel efficiency.

Cold air intakes help surge a vehicle’s responsiveness, as it can reach its intended speed more rapidly when a larger volume of denser air is carried to the engine. If you’re looking for an acceleration increase, whether on busy highways or empty backroads, aftermarket cold air intake kits can help. 

And while you’re at it, 

10. Add An Intercooler Upgrade Kit

You understand how crucial it is to maintain your engine’s cooling system, especially if you use your Hilux for off-roading or heavy hauling. This is when an intercooler improvement kit comes in handy. 

An intercooler helps to cool the pressurized air from your Hilux’s turbocharger. Installing an improved intercooler reduces engine temperatures, which increases power and torque while also improving fuel economy on your Hilux. 

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