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Honda Prelude Revived: Unveiling a Hybrid-Electric Concept Car

The Japan Mobility Show has always taken us on a rollercoaster ride through the world of concept cars. When Honda first teased that something sporty was in the works, we imagined the legendary NSX and the beloved S2000. Because, let’s be honest; these are the timeless icons. Instead, the brand decided to resurrect the Prelude name. Enter the Honda Prelude Concept. We were, of course, surprised – the Prelude? An electric model, perhaps? Well, not quite. 

As it turns out, the Prelude you see here is not your daily-driving electric sedan. It has a hybrid-electric powertrain. As we dug deeper for more juicy details, Honda’s U.S. PR team kindly dropped a breadcrumb. They clarified that this revival is, in fact, a hybrid, not a full-fledged electric vehicle. Intriguing, right?

Well, the Japan Mobility Show has done it again, leaving us hanging on to every clue. Still, we’re here to unravel the hybrid-electric mystery. Is this the Prelude’s official return with a futuristic hybrid twist? Join us as we dig deeper.

What Powers The Hybrid Prelude?

So, what’s under the hood? Well. We would love to tell you – if we knew. But it seems Honda wants to keep the powertrain details a secret for now. Some sources tried to squeeze more information out of them. However, all they got was a polite, “No additional details available at this time.”

But hey, at least we know that the Honda Prelude’s powertrain is HEV (hybrid), not BEV (fully electric). It does put some of the initial confusion to rest. Honda’s CEO, Toshihiro Mibe, had a hand in the pre-tease during the car’s press conference.

How Does The Honda Prelude Concept Look?

The design of this reborn Honda Prelude is like a plot twist in a classic movie. You see, most Preludes used to strut around like they were about to break into a rear-wheel-drive tango. We are talking about the long noses, those rear-set cabins, and trunks that looked more like trinket boxes. 

But the Prelude Concept seems to adopt cues from the Civic Coupe or maybe even the Accord Coupe. It’s gone all-in on the front-wheel-drive vibe. And this is complete with a front overhang that’s as long as a Shakespearean monologue. It also has a dash-to-axle distance and a considerably large cabin.

The Prelude Concept has an irresistible, head-turning charm. We love the pointy nose, sleek curves, and wide fenders. It’s like Honda threw a tuxedo on an athlete. 

As much as we’d love to give you all the gossip on the Prelude Concept’s specs, we’re in the same boat as you. We are waiting by the phone for more details. But considering how this car struts its stuff, we’re putting our money on the front-wheel drive. Aside from carrying the nameplate, it’s also  within Honda’s wheelhouse of front-wheel-drive configuations.

More Details on the Prelude, Or At Least What We Know So Far 

According to Honda’s very own maestro, CEO Toshihiro Mibe, the word ‘prelude’ spells out “introductory or preceding performance.” During the car’s press conference, Mibe took the stage and declared, “This model will become the prelude for our future models, which will inherit the ‘joy of driving’ as we zoom headlong into a full-throttle electrified future, all while keeping our unwavering sports spirit alive and kicking.”

So, we had a lot of questions. Is this car a mere sneak peek into Honda’s future garage? Or is it the trailblazer? Well, it’s a Pandora’s box of possibilities. 

Honda has a knack for unveiling “concept” and “prototype” cars. A large number of these cars often materialize at dealerships a couple of years down the road. So, considering how sleek the Prelude looks, we wouldn’t be shocked if it followed the same script. One would say it’s like Honda is teasing us with a trailer for a movie that’s already in production. If that’s the case, we’re in the front row and ready for the show to begin.

Wilfred Nkhwazi
Wilfred Nkhwazi
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