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Here’s What We Know About The 2025 Toyota Hilux

Ever since word about a redesigned Hilux came out, we’ve been waiting for the unveiling of Toyota’s next-generation pickup. To call the upcoming Toyota Hilux ‘crucial’ for the Japanese brand is an understatement. It would be likely so considering its current status as the best-selling new vehicle in over a dozen markets. As we await the official details, the 2025 HiLux will engage in fierce competition against the renewed Ford Ranger.

While Toyota has yet to officially unveil the 2025 Toyota Hilux, this is so much anticipation around the topic. Even without official images, artists have offered their renditions, sparking excitement about the potential redesign. We’ve seen the amazing latest Hilux renders from and DigiMods Design

We discuss everything you should expect from the 2025 Toyota Hilux, including key features and potential updates. We will also share the features we would love to see in this next-generation 2025 Truck. 

The 2025 Toyota Hilux Borrows Styling Cues From The Toyota Tundra

In all the envisioned images we’ve seen, the 2025 Toyota HiLux seems to draw inspiration from its larger sibling, the Tundra. While not a mirror image, certain elements appear reminiscent. Unofficial renders hint that the upcoming HiLux, anticipated for 2025, might incorporate design elements from the recently released Toyota Tundra.

The robust front grille echoes the distinctive style of the full-size Tundra, projecting a bold and muscular presence. On the other hand, the LED headlight clusters present a more streamlined and modern appearance. Moving to the rear, the vertically aligned LED tail lights draw subtle parallels with models like the Kia Sorento. The rear end contributes to a refreshed aesthetic for the larger and more powerful upcoming HiLux.

This evolution is not just skin-deep. Built upon an entirely new platform, the ninth-generation HiLux embraces the TNGA-F ladder-frame architecture. If you recall, this platform also underpins the Toyota Tundra, LandCruiser 300 Series, and the upcoming Prado. The 2025 HiLux aims to carve its niche in the fiercely competitive and expanding market segment.

We’ve Got Intel

Additional information hints at a significant alignment between the upcoming Toyota Tacoma for North America and the next-generation Toyota Hilux available in other markets. Both models are anticipated to share not only a similar mechanical foundation but also a cohesive visual identity. The prospect of these two vehicles sharing the same platform raises the possibility that they might essentially be identical. If so, the only difference would be their branding and badging.

To raise the steaks, the 2025 Hilux will undergo dimensional enhancements, becoming larger, broader, and taller than its predecessor. This strategic move aims to counter challenges from rivals like Ford and VW. The widebody iteration of the existing model serves as a tangible preview of the Hilux’s expanded footprint. Notably, production will continue at the Prospection facility in Durban, ensuring a steady supply for both local and international markets.

The 2025 Hilux Will Have A Great Set Of Peppy Powertrains

Toyota is strategically capitalizing on the Hilux’s prestigious Dakar Rally-winning legacy. The brand drew inspiration from its WRC success with the GR Yaris. There are strong indications that a flagship Gazoo Racing Hilux, possibly equipped with a turbo petrol V6, is in the pipeline to compete head-to-head with the Ranger Raptor V6. The prospect of the Cruiser 300’s turbo petrol V6 making its way into the Hilux’s engine bay is not out of the question. You’ll likely assume the same when you consider the successful use of similar V6s in the Dakar T1+ race Hiluxes.

However, the evolution of the 2025 Hilux extends beyond powerful V6 engines. Built on Toyota’s new international TGNA platform, the upcoming model will be hybrid-ready, with the possibility of offering a Hybrid option right from the start. Additionally, the Hilux will be prepared for electric vehicles, aligning with global demands for emissions-free driving. This forward-looking approach is reinforced by the sharing of the next-gen modular TNGA-F New Global body-on-frame underpinnings with its U.S. truck counterparts, meeting the requirements for ‘zero’ emissions motoring.

New TNGA-F Platform, New Power Opportunities

The upcoming Toyota HiLux will benefit significantly from a new platform architecture. Aside from elevating its technological and safety features, the new platform also introduces a range of new engine options. One standout powerplant is the robust 3.3-liter twin-turbo diesel V6. Previously showcased in the Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series, the new engine produces 227kW and 700Nm of torque.

As a cornerstone for the new HiLux lineup, a more efficient four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine will take center stage. This engine is poised to outperform the current 2.8-liter turbo-diesel (150kW/500Nm) introduced in 2014. The existing model has faced challenges related to faulty diesel particulate filters. These problems have led to a significant class action with associated costs. Toyota is currently appealing this legal matter.

The Next Generation Toyota Hilux Will Spawn A GR Hilux Variant

Scheduled for rigorous testing and development across diverse global terrains, the upcoming Toyota Hilux will introduce the GR HiLux. Unlike the ordinary Hilux, the GR is designed for conquering dunes and off-road challenges.

Featuring a robust six-cylinder powerplant, the GR Hilux will incorporate a series of extreme chassis enhancements. These enhancements are inspired by the victorious GR DKR HiLux T1+ desert racer from the Dakar Rally. As a contender to the Ford Ranger Raptor, this off-road-focused GR variant will set a new benchmark in the segment.

The introduction of the GR Hilux aligns with the model’s 60th anniversary in 2028. There’s a lot we expect from the automaker. A big future to look forward to. 

Hybrid And Electric Versions Are A Possibility

Toyota is openly committed to providing hybrid options across its entire vehicle lineup by the close of this decade. In alignment with this vision, there are strong indications that a mild-hybrid turbo-diesel powertrain will be introduced for the 2025 Hiux shortly after its 2024 launch.

Beyond hybridization, Toyota is exploring alternative powertrains, including hydrogen fuel-cell technology and internal combustion engines, for both the upcoming Hilux and the existing LandCruiser. 

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