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Best Features Of The 2024 BMW i7

Highlights of the 2024 BMW i7 include its robust 650-horsepower M70 xDrive setup, 8K-resolution 31.3-inch display, and M Sport Package.

The 2024 BMW i7 is among the best electric sedans on the market. Competing against rivals like the Tesla Model 3 and the new Audi E-tron, the BMW i7 is a marvel of automotive engineering. This 2024 electric sedan offers luxury, performance, and advanced technology. As BMW’s flagship all-electric sedan, the 2024 electric i7 sedan is available with 3 powertrain setups: 449-hp i7 eDrive50, 536-hp i7 xDrive60 and 650-hp M70 xDrive. For anyone wanting a sportier look, BMW offers the M Sport and M Sport Professional packages for the new i7. These ten standout features highlight why the i7 is a top contender in the luxury EV market. 

Highlights of the 2024 BMW i7 include its robust 650-horsepower M70 xDrive setup, fast-charging capability, 8K-resolution 31.3-inch display, and the amazing M Sport Package. All things considered, the new i7 is a remarkable luxury electric sedan. Behind the wheel, the 2024 i7 delivers an exceptional driving experience. Here are the 10 best features that set the 2024 BMW i7 apart from its competition.

1. High-Performance Powertrain Options

The 2024 BMW i7 offers multiple powertrain options: i7 eDrive50, i7 xDrive60 and the potent M70 xDrive. 

The i7 eDrive50 powertrain comprises a single electric motor delivering 449 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque.

The i7 xDrive60:powertrain sits between the eDrive50 and the M70 xDrive, offering Dual motors with 536 horsepower and 549 lb-ft of torque.

With the potent M70 xDrive powertrain, the 2024 BMW i7 delivers 650 horsepower and up to 811 lb-ft of torque using M Sport Boost or Launch Control. Sitting at the top of the powertrain offerings the M70 xDrive makes the i7 the most powerful all-electric vehicle.

2. Impressive Acceleration

Despite its large size and substantial weight, the 2024 BMW i7 has good acceleration, which is one of its selling points. The 2024 i7 eDrive50 models can go from 0 to 60 mph in 5.3 seconds. The xDrive60 i7 models achieve the 60 mph sprint in 4.5 seconds. 

The 650-hp powered 2024 BMW i7 M70 xDrive can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. These figures make the i7 one of the quickest luxury EVs.

3. BMW Curved Display

Aside from its powertrain options and swift accelerations, the best feature of the 2024 BMW i7 is the interior Curved Display. Like most dual screens we’ve seen on the latest models, the BMW i7’s huge curved display combines a digital driver information display and a touchscreen for the iDrive infotainment system. 

Via the large curved screen, the 2024 BMW i7’s infotainment screen offers a good display, with user-friendly menus to get you through the navigation, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. 

On top of the standard equipment, the new BMW i7 comes with a premium Bowers & Wilkins audio system, which enhances the driving experience.

4. Luxurious Interior

The 2024 BMW i7 has a unique and well-adorned interior design. As the cabin of a luxury car, the i7’s interior features extended Merino leather upholstery, and oak trim. 

BMW offers an Individual Composition program, which allows buyers of the electric i7 sedan to customize the interior appearance and features. 

The 2024 i7’s interior is spacious, accommodating all passengers comfortably. Speaking of comfort, the electric sedan’s seats offer excellent back and lumbar support. 

There is an optional Luxury Rear Seating package with the new i7 sedan, which adds ventilated and massaging rear seats.

5. BMW Theater Screen

Another cool feature inside the 2024 i7 is the BMW Rear Theater Screen, which offers a 31.3-inch display. Unlike the infotainment screen in the front, the i7’s rear theater screen has a 8K resolution and Amazon Fire TV compatibility. 

The rear-seat entertainment system in the 2024 BMW i7 provides an immersive viewing experience. Rear passengers will particularly enjoy it on long journeys.

6. Advanced Safety Features

The 2024 BMW i7 comes with a suite of advanced safety features, such as Forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and Blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert. 

7. One-Pedal Driving

The 2024 BMW i7 offers one-pedal driving, a feature common in electric vehicles. The One-Pedal driving feature allows drivers to control the car’s speed using only the accelerator pedal. 

Since its brake regeneration is on maximum, the i7 can slow down or even stop without the need to press the brake pedal. It’s so common yet still mentioned since other electric car manufacturers still produce two-pedal driving. The 2024 i7’s One-Pedal driving makes city driving more convenient. It also makes the drive more energy-efficient, considering the regeneration properties.

8. IconicSounds by Hans Zimmer

The 2024 BMW i7 features IconicSounds, created by renowned film composer Hans Zimmer. The new IconicSounds feature enhances the i7’s driving experience by a lot. 

Thanks to the 2024 i7’s IconicSounds by Hans Zimmer, drivers will hear auditory feedback that matches the car’s performance and mood. You’ll love the cinematic touch every time you get behind the wheel. 

9. Fast Charging Capability

Like most modern electric cars, the 2024 i7 supports fast charging, which is an incredible feature to have. 

Thanks to its fast charging capabilities, the 2024 BMW i7 can gain 90 miles of driving range in just 10 minutes when connected to a high-speed charger. This means a minute of fast charging adds 9 miles, which is great. 

10. Two M Sport Packages 

Another best feature of the 2024 i7 is the M Sport Package, which is the best package for anyone who wants a sporty and more aggressive look. There are two M Sport packages available for the 2024 BMW i7: the Sport and the M Sport Professional.

The i7’s new M Sport Package includes Shadowline exterior trim, M Aerodynamic alloy wheels, and additional black accents. 

On the other hand, the M Sport Professional Package adds even more features, such as a rear spoiler and upgraded M Sport brakes. With the professional package, the i7 looks sporty and drives great. 

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