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2027 Rivian R3 And R3X: Detailed Look At The Next-Gen Electric SUV

The 2027 Rivian R3 is a compact, sporty electric SUV that is about to steal hearts with its impressive design and performance features. Rivian recently announced the production of the R3, which comes with a new midsize platform and three motor configurations, ranging from single-motor to tri-motor. There are several good R3 specs and technology features to look forward to. The R3 2027 supports DC fast charging with both NACS (native) and CCS (with adapter). An 80 percent charge gives the R3 a 300-mile driving range. This allows the R3 to compete with the new Audi Q6 E-Tron in range. Positioned below the R2 in the lineup, the R3 and the performance-oriented R3X offer a dynamic driving experience. This 2027 Rivian R3 Review discusses the electric SUV’s rugged design, compact proportions, battery, and fast charging capabilities. 

Unlike the R2, the R3 joins the scene with tighter proportions and a more aggressive stance. Rivian says the R3 will be cheaper than the R2, so expect the R3 to cost around $35K when it debuts in 2027. The upcoming SUV will also support autonomous driving and over-the-air (OTA) updates. We’ve taken a detailed look at what you can expect from the Rivian R3.

Rivian R3 Futuristic Design

The 2027 Rivian R3 has a futuristic exterior design that draws inspiration from iconic 80s rally cars like the Lancia Delta Integrale and Audi Quattro. As a next-gen SUV, the R3 looks rugged and powerful, making it stand out on any road. From the appearance, the R3 blends off-road capability with urban agility. 

The R3’s wheelbase is 5 inches shorter than the R2’s, making it about the size of a Volkswagen Golf. The Rivian R3 is one of the smallest electric SUVs of 2027. There are some plus sides. The R3’s compact size makes it perfect for city driving. On the other hand, the Rivian 2027 R3’s electric vehicle (EV) architecture makes it efficient and fun to drive. 

Powerful Computer and Advanced Sensors

The 2027 Rivian R3 features a powerful onboard computer and a sensor suite with 11 cameras and five radars. 

With a powerful computer system and sensors, the R3 2027 supports enhanced autonomous capabilities. Until its official debut, the exact level of automation isn’t specified.

Rear Gate Window Feature

One of the best features of the Rivian R3 is its rear gate window, referred to as “flipper glass.” This innovative design allows for additional storage space for long items. 

Thanks to this feature, the R3 facilitates in-car camping with fold-flat rear seats, similar to the R2.

Big Battery In The R3 2027

For 2027, the R3 and R3X utilize Rivian’s new 4695 cylindrical battery cells, which are 15 mm taller than Tesla’s 4680 cells. It supports DC fast charging with both NACS (native) and CCS (with adapter). 

The R3 and the R3X feature a native Tesla NACS charging port, ensuring compatibility with Tesla Superchargers. Yes. you can charge the Rivian R3 at a Tesla Supercharger, thanks to the NACS port. 

On the other hand, charging the Rivian 2027 R3 on a DC charger can take the R3 from 10% to 80% in about 30 minutes. An 80 percent charge gives the Rivian R3 a driving range of over 300 miles.

Rivian R3 Interior Features

Despite the compact size, the 2027 R3 offers a lot of storage and interior space. The interior of the Rivian R3 features fold-flat rear seats for extra cargo space and in-car camping. 

OTA Updates 

The R3 2027 also includes over-the-air (OTA) updates, ensuring that the next-gen electric SUV is up-to-date with the latest technology. 

On top of that, the Rivian R3 comes with Level 2+ Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). 

All-New Platform for the R3

The 2024 Rivian R3 is built on Rivian’s all-new midsize vehicle platform. According to Rivian, this platform is designed for optimal performance, range, and cost efficiency. 

This new R3 platform features high-pressure die castings and simplified closure systems. It also has a structural battery unit that serves as the floor. All these features of the R3’s platform reduce complexity and weight. 

There’s so much more on the 2027 SUV. The R3 also uses Rivian’s drive unit platform, software stack, computer topology, and an internally developed network architecture.

Flexible Motor Configurations

The Rivian R3 2027 offers multiple motor configurations, including single-motor (rear-wheel drive), dual-motor (all-wheel drive), and tri-motor (all-wheel drive) setups.

The single-motor Rivian R3 models suit owners who want a basic city and highway electric vehicle. Since power goes to one motor, the 2027 Rivian R3 single-motor version will deliver the most driving range. 

As the name states, the dual-motor and tri-motor R3 versions have two and three motors respectively. While both configurations provide added traction and off-roading benefits, the 2027 Rivian R3 tri-motor offers the best off-roading experience for the most adventurous enthusiasts. 

0-60mph Time Of 3 Seconds

The 2027 Rivian R3 boasts a 0-60 mph acceleration time of just 3.0 seconds, making it one of the quickest electric SUVs. 

Rivian R2 Vs Rivian R3

Compared to the R2, the R3 is smaller and has a short overhang. The R3’s proportions are also tighter, placing it among the compact electric SUV fleet. 

Performance-Enhanced R3X Version

The 2027 R3X is a more rugged, performance-oriented version of the R3. And unlike the standard R3, the R3X features a higher ground clearance, larger wheels, and enhanced off-road capabilities. 

The R3X is the perfect electric SUV for anyone who desires a high-performance EV. It will appeal to enthusiasts who seek both on-road dynamism and off-road prowess.

Pricing of the Rivian R3

Following its cost-reduction plan, Rivian says the R3 will be cheaper than the R2. The current R2 has undergone great sales so far, despite the $45K price tag. It’s great to learn that the R3 will come at a slightly lower price point, and we have an idea of how much it might cost.

The Rivian R3 will be priced at around $35,000, making it more affordable than the $45,000 R2. The R3’s affordable pricing will position it as a more accessible electric 2027 SUV.

Rivian R3 Availability

The R3 and R3X will debut “soon after the R2,” which is expected to ship in 2026. Details about the Rivian R3 release date aren’t exact, but reports suggest that they will debut in 2027. But we know that the SUV will debut on foreign markets following their North American debut.

Expect the R3 and R3X will arrive on the market in 2027, making these the most anticipated electric SUVs right now. 

Rivian R3 vs. Competition

Aside from the Q6 E-Tron, the 2027 Rivian R3 competes with the Volvo EX30 and Kia EV3. There’s also a fierce ‘Rivian R3 vs Tesla Model Y’ competition, particularly with Tesla’s upcoming refreshed Model Y.

Despite the competition, the R3 stands out. It has a unique design, great performance features, and advanced technology. These 2027 Rivian R3 features give it an edge in the market.

Rivian’s Strategic Vision for the R3

Rivian’s new “Arc” business plan aims to achieve cost reductions for its upcoming and future models. 

The brand will achieve price reductions through partnerships and technology advancements.

Rivian will launch five new electric vehicles soon, including the R3.

Rivian R3 Final Verdict

The Rivian R3 will be a game-changer in the EV market with its sporty design, impressive performance, and advanced technology. Priced lower than the R2, the R3 will be a great choice for families and EV enthusiasts. With its release date in 2027, the R3 is worth the way. When it finally enters the electric SUV scene, the Rivian R3 will capture the hearts and disrupt the market.

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