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Why You Should Buy The Zeekr Mix Electric Minivan

The Zeekr Mix Electric Minivan cutting-edge family MPV that’s about to take over the 2025 electric minivan market. Recently premiered at the Beijing Auto Show, this family minivan offers an innovative design, sustainable technology, and powerful performance. Built on Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture platform, the new Mix Electric minivan features an 86 kWh battery developed by CATL and Geely, enabling fast charging up to 360 kW. Going against the VW ID. Buzz, the Zeekr 009 electric minivan comes with a 416-horsepower electric motor. Plus, the Zeekr electric minivan has a sleek exterior design, highlighted by blacked-out features and a two-tone paint scheme. This post looks at the best features of the Zeekr Mix minivan, and why you should buy it. 

Highlights of the new Zeekr Mix electric minivan include the two-tone paint scheme, 416 hp electric motor, Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture platform and fast charging up to 360 kW. We had a chance to look at some of the latest photos of the minivan EV shared by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This family minivan offers ample space for passengers and cargo. The 2025 Zeekr minivan will be available in China and possibly Europe. The new Zeekr Mix minivan is a compelling option in the electric minivan market. This is why you should buy the new Zeekr minivan EV. 

Futuristic Design

The Zeekr Mix has a unique and modern exterior design that features subtle lines and a two-tone paint scheme. The coolest additions to the Zeekr electric minivan are blacked-out headlights and a front grille. The rear end of the electric MPV maintains an elegant design with a horizontal light bar. 

Overall, the Zeekr minivan takes a more minimalist approach, setting it apart from competitors like the VW ID.Buzz. Its design is appealing, and one of the minivan’s best features. It will suit buyers looking for a refined aesthetic in an electric minivan.

Good Interior Space

Another cool feature of the Zeekr Mix electric minivan is the large interior space. There is plenty of room inside the Zeekr minivan for passengers and cargo. In dimensions, the Zeekr electric minivan measures 184.5 inches in length, 78.5 inches in width, and 69 inches in height. This makes it a reasonably-sized electric family minivan. 

The Zeekr Mix minivan’s front seats electrically rotate 270 degrees. This means the seats can swivel around to face passengers.

Plus, the Zeekr minivan has a 118.4-inch wheelbase, which contributes to its extra cabin room and comfortable ride. This makes the electric MPV perfect for urban and highway driving. 

Sustainable Experience Architecture Platform (SEA-M Platform)

As with most models in the Zeekr EV lineup, the Mix electric minivan is built on Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture platform. With the SEA-M, the Zeekr Mix prioritizes sustainability and innovation

This advanced sustainable experience platform ensures optimal performance, efficiency, and longevity. And that’s not the only feature from Geely on the electric minivan. According to the brand, the Zeekr Mix electric minivan has a battery developed by CATL and Geely. 

86 kWh Battery with 800-Volt Technology

The Zeekr Mix electric minivan comes with an 86 kWh battery. Thanks to the minivan’s 800-volt technology, the Zeekr minivan EV enables fast charging up to 360 kW. 

416-Hp Powertrain

The Zeekr Mix minivan has a powerful electric motor producing 416 hp, so expect an exhilarating performance and acceleration. The Zeekr Mix shares its powertrain with the Zeekr 007. 

With the 416-hp motor, the Zeekr EV minivan defeats the Volkswagen ID. Buzz in power. Recall, the current ID. Buzz generates 270 hp in a rear-wheel setup and 335 hp in the top all-wheel drive GTX model. 

0-60 in 3.8s Acceleration Time

Thanks to its 416 horsepower setup, the Mix electric minivan can go from zero to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds. This speed features a lot of ICE minivans and SUVs in the family car segment. 

On top of that, the minivan has a top speed of 180 mph. 

Driving Range Of Up to 594 Kilometers

The Zeekr Mix electric minivan delivers a driving range of up to 594 kilometers, making it an excellent choice for road trips. 

The Zeekr Minivan Has All Wheel Drive

One of the best features of the Zeekr Mix electric minivan is the All-Wheel drive configuration, which is rare on most electric vehicles from China. 

Reasonable Pricing

Zeekr offers the Mix electric minivan at a competitive price point. This makes the MPV more accessible to a broader range of consumers. And isn’t electric vehicle adoption all about broadening the spectrum?

What’s more impressive is that the Zeekr Mix minivan’s affordability doesn’t compromise quality or performance. Zeekr seeks to attract budget-conscious buyers seeking an electric minivan with exceptional value.

Wide Availability

While initially targeted at the Chinese market, the Zeekr Mix may also be available in Europe. From there, the electric vehicle may expand to other regions.

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